Summer Clothing Survival Guide

Summer in Australia is hot. And the way I survive the heat is by wearing clothing made out of breathable fabrics. And shorts. This summer I am in love with shorts. So, here are some of my summer hints! Hopefully they will keep you (looking) cool too.

Natural fibres – Cotton & Linen
It’s not so much about the types of clothing I’ve been wearing this summer, but rather the fabrics. Cotton and linen have been my summer life lines. Not only are they light weight, so naturally reduce heat, they also breathe which allows the hot air to escape. Historically, natural fibres have had a bad rap for being scratchy and unflattering, but with the clothing market becoming more competitive, we are seeing some amazingly stylish clothing. The best part, is the wide range of clothing for all types of occasions from the office to the beach or even date night.
Favourite brands: Eileen FisherJones New York and Lafayette 148
Loose fitting clothes
In Summer we naturally lean towards wearing fitted clothing, or fewer items in order to remain cool. There is logic in wearing less clothing, however sometimes this isn’t always appropriate, or doesn’t work to enhance our assets. Often I find plus size women choose baggy clothes which can make us look bigger or doesn’t flatter the areas we want to showcase.
In order to strike a balance, I often wear a mix of loosing fitting and form fitting clothing. For example, I will wear fitted pants with a loose shirt to showcase my hips and butt, or loose fitting shorts/skirt with a singlet to highlight my decollage and chest. Sometimes a little mystery, and an imagination, is a good thing!
Favourite brand: Ralph Lauren and Jones New York
It’s summer!! I NEED colour in Summer. Bright, crazy colours allow me to showcase my personality to the world and I love playing around with all the gorgeous colours available at the moment. Being an adult is serious business, but our colour palate doesn’t need to always be black, white, navy or cream. Typically,  a basic colour palette was the only way a woman could be chic and dress elegantly while still being stylish (as opposed to fashionable). However, just like the size of clothing is changing, as are the colours available to us. Whether it be a bright single-coloured dress, or patterned shirt with plain coloured skirt/pants/shorts. The best part, is other people usually always appreciate it too, but often don’t have the courage to be creative with it.
So take a risk and wear something bold – you won’t regret it!
Favourite brands: Jones New YorkRalph Lauren and Lafayette 148
Yes, I am completely obsessed with shorts this summer. My recent trip to Mexico and Cuba certainly highlighted how they can be practical and sexy. The latinos look for any reason to showcase their curves and I have certainly taken a page out of their book. Particularly with hips and a derrière as womanly as mine!
Since my return, I have accumulated a very tidy collection. A mixture of long shorts, short shorts, patterned, plain, stretchy and not.
On a practical level the main benefit is the reducing in thigh rubbing – I’m sure some of you reading this a nodding your head. Walking around, in the hot sun, and several hours later the skin between our thighs is nearly non existent! It is painful, embarrassing and annoying.
On the other hand, they can look great! And what I’ve realised, is shorts can be used for almost any occasion (excluding a very fancy affair, and even then I would still question it!).
Favourite brands: CrossroadsJones New York and Lafayette 148
My perfect summer outfit is a mix of all the above. So take a look at how I am surviving summer!
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Today’s Outfit: A summer dress

Today was gorgeous in Sydney! And, I was lucky enough to spend the day with a good friend at Balmoral Beach on Sydney’s lower north shore.

As it was hot, I chose a shin length linen dress in coral and my white strapless swimming costume.

It was the perfect outfit for my first day at the beach this summer!



Outfit details:

Dress: Eileen Fisher linen dress in coral (purchased at Bloomingdales)

Swimmers: Berzelli Swimwear in white (strapless)

My wardrobe – for SALE!!

This is my wardrobe – the clean version. As you can see it is stuffed to the brim! And this doesn’t include the TWO chest of draws also full of beautiful clothes. With some time on my hands I have decided to do a big clean out to make some desperately needed space. AND LIST THESE ITEMS ON EBAY!! WOOHOO!!


Many of the items I have listed (and plan to list – so keep an eye out for more) are new, many with the tags still on them.

Please take a look and see if there is anything you would like. Many of the items are plus size clothes, however there are also some great Philosophy cleansers/moisturisers/exfoliators etc. Prices have been listed but everything is negotiable.

Here is a link to my eBay page:

Happy buying!

The Cocktail Dress – Black Lace

This is my first Aussie Curves Challenge and I am so excited to be involved!

Dressing for cocktail parties is difficult!! These days, what does a cocktail dress look like? More than often it involves my work clothes because I am normally invited to these functions for work. Gen Y don’t typically host cocktail parties – yet anyway!

Traditionally, I associate cocktail parties with sequins, lace, heels, martinis, chandeliers – most definetly a luxurious and elegant affair. As a younger woman, a fantastic opportunity to showcase ones cheeky, fun and sexy side!

So, with this as the basis of my outfit, I have chosen my newly acquired black lace Karen Kane dress.

This dress is flirty and fun without being too much. The black lace  gives it an elegant feel, as does the scalloped lace neck and hemline. I also love the see through lace over the arms and decollage.

It’s a relatively conservative outfit but is perfectly feminine and emphasises my curves.

I am excited to partner it with amazing hair, make up and accessories; when I do, BAM!!

IMG_2628 IMG_2624 IMG_2625

The Outfit:

Dress: Karen Kane, V Neck Scalloped Lace Dress (via

Shoes: Black heels with lace overlay (brand unknown)

Today’s Outfit: Shorts de jour

Shorts have certainly been flavour of the month! As a dress lover, this is a bit of a surprise. However, my recent trip to Mexico and Cuba convinced me that shorts are where summer fashions are at – they are practical and show off my ass-ets. We all need to make the most of what we’ve got!

So, earlier this week, I welcomed two pairs of linen shorts from Crossroads to the family. The best part, is they are currently on sale for $14.95 each!!

Today, I wore my gorgeous new hot pink short shorts matched with my (already blogged about) thin, white cotton Ralph Lauren shirt. In 35 degree heat, it was an excellent choice. And looked the part too while sipping iced coffee with a long time time in one of Sydney’s fashionable suburbs.

I must admit, the shorts are not a perfect fit. I should have waited till they were a bit looser as they are rather short. And, as a classic dresser, I don’t believe everything should be on display. But, sometimes reason goes out the window. And I really, really wanted to wear them. However, to ensure I maintained the classic look, I partnered them with a loose fitting top.

IMG_2613 IMG_2616

Are you a shorts lover too?

The Outfit:

Shirt: Ralph Lauren white cotton shirt

Shorts: Crossroads hot pink linen shorts

Shoes: Haviana thongs (for the US readers, flip flops)

Wise Words: Know Your Friends

Women, no matter what size, are judged. By society, the media, men, and most harshly (I feel) by other women. So much judgement is going on, that many women (of all shapes and sizes) prefer to be plain in the hope of being invisible.

When I saw the below quote, it certainly rang true. If you’ve had a period of invisibility, don’t ever forget those who stood, or are standing by you. They are the people who love you no matter what. They are the people who matter.