Setting the scene….with candles!

I need to admit, that I love candles – scented or otherwise. In my bedroom I currently have about 10 candles lit and without an electric light, it looks magical.


For the tea lights, and the non-scented tall candles, I buy them from IKEA. They last a long time, and the a 100 pack of the tea lights only cost me about $10. For the taller candle sticks (come in various sizes) they cost me about $1-2 per stick. Very good value.

In my living room, I have a beautiful scented Crabtree & Evelyn candle; Pomegranate Grove, which makes the whole room smell divine.



What are your favourite candles?


4 thoughts on “Setting the scene….with candles!

  1. We’ve been attending a lot of open-houses lately and I’ve been amazed at how simple yet effective a single candle can be in establishing mood in a home. I will be having a look when next I walk past Crabtree & Evelyn! 🙂

  2. i love candles too Pip, my favourite is to make a little gift out of them. I take an ikea vanilla scented tea light and pop it in a upcycled baby food jar (something i have a million of!!) that i have half filled with coffee beans. When you light the candle it heats the coffee beans and you get the most amazing vanilla-coffee smell. Easiest homemade gift ever 🙂 only problem in my house is i only dare light them once curious little hands have gone to bed!

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