Sydney, you really are beautiful!

The weather in Sydney has been impeccable. Today was sunny, warm and definitely the beginnings of a very hot summer.

After leaving work early, I had dinner with a friend at Balmoral – a beachside suburb of Sydney’s lower north shore.

Bathers Pavillion is a very well known restaurant, but what a lot of people don’t know (unless you’re a local) is they have a cafe which is perfect for a casual, but elegant meal. The building truly does set the scene for such an outing.




Even though there are no photos of dinner (we both had a delicious pizza), it was amazing, and would highly recommend you head down one day for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It certainly isn’t the cheapest place in town but for $30-$50 per person you will be fed, watered  (a glass of wine) and enjoy one of the most spectacular views in Sydney. 

For those of you who are not locals, I would highly recommend you go down on the weekend (early!) for breakfast. The menu is a little different to your standard cafe and the food is of a very high quality. If you arrive early you can secure yourself a free car park, a seat at the cafe and then enjoy an amazing day at the beach.

Happy summer!!

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