Today’s Outfit – I love a peplum

So, I lie. This was not today’s outfit, I wore it last week. But, I love it! It looks smart, suits my body perfectly and pulled many-a compliment. Which lets admit is always welcome.

I like bold colours in summer and this fits the bill, but I also needed an outfit that would be suitable for the workplace.

The peplum adds a layer of femininity which I relish. And with a fitted top, the peplum and the straight skirt, my overall shape and my best (body) assets – waist, hips and derriere. I normally enjoy a belt to pinch in my waist, but I don’t think it’s necessary in this top. I would consider a size smaller though to emphasis my bust and shape though.

The material on both the top and skirt are thick which means it’s more flattering for hiding lumps and bumps. While also being very smooth on the skin and breathable in warmer weather.

Can you tell I really love this outfit? For me, it fits the bill perfectly. It’s suitable for the office and after work drinks. It’s colourful and fun. It’s a classic outfit. It’s feminine and flattering. And most importantly, it’s comfortable.


The Outfit:

Top: Ralph Lauren peplum in navy

Skirt: Jones New York a -line in red

Shoes: Target wedges in navy

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