Today’s Outfit – An Unconventional Outfit….

Today I felt like wearing something completely different. It was hot, I didn’t feel like wearing a dress, or slacks, or anything really. I would go to work naked if I could. However, I felt it might cause some commotion if i turned up at the office naked. And then I decided to wear something very unconventional – shorts and a shirt!

Admittedly I work in PR so there is some flexibility in what we wear to work, however, I knew I had to dress it up. So, with my gorgeous white shorts, I wore a long sleeved brightly coloured, paisley, but very thin cotton shirt.



With my favourite NARS make up (will definitely do a post on this later), and some heels it looked smarter than your typical shorts and top outfit.


I love these shorts because the material is a thick, stretchy, cotton which looks smart while still being comfy. The shirt adds the pop of colour and paisley will always be a classic pattern (no matter how crazy the colours).



To give myself a bit of extra shape under my shirt (which is more baggy than usual), I used my favourite Fabulous by Victoria’s Secret push up bra. It is seriously comfortable and gives one extra shape and oomph. It really is a girls best friend. More so than diamonds.

Understandably, this outfit wouldn’t work for many workplaces, however, it is a fantastic outfit for a casual, summer outing.  All while you still look smart and sassy.

What is your favourite casual summer outfit? And is it a little unconventional? I would love to see them on the Instagram hashtags #breakingdownbarriers and #aquaintrellelife.


The Outfit:

Shirt: Ralph Lauren paisley shirt, Spring 2013 collection

Shorts: Lafayette 148 white cotton shorts, Summer 2012/2013 collection

Shoes: Target wedges in black, Summer 2012 collection

Bra: Fabulous by Victoria’s Secret, all year round collection

2 thoughts on “Today’s Outfit – An Unconventional Outfit….

    • Like like like!!! When you buy them, post them! A few weeks ago I bought 2 pairs from Jones New York – just waiting for them to arrive. I promise to model and post them as soon as they come in!

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