Today’s Outfit – Smart and simple

My Sunday has been very stereotypical – breakfast out with family, and lunch with friends. Very quiet but very enjoyable. So I needed an outfit that would be suitable for both outings. One that was both smart and simple – and naturally I had the perfect outfit.

The dress I wore has been a favourite for well over a year – I hope you love it too.

IMG_2588 IMG_2586

It’s an unconventional brown but I feel it’s a classic. It has an outer layer, in addition to the full dress being lined – all 100% cotton which means it’s perfect for summer. As the overall dress hasn’t got much shape, the designers added a leather belt to the mix which perfectly pulls the dress in at the waist and gives the feminine look we all desire.

The other element that makes it interesting is the pattern. The outer layer is quite thick but has many little holes cut out of it. This material was a popular choice by Jones New York 2012 summer/spring collection as I have a white jacket with the same detail.


This dress is a classic. It is elegant, feminine and practical. Without a doubt it will get a lot of use this summer, just like last year.

And, it encourages compliments which is always a plus!

The Outfit:

Dress: Jones New York, Summer/Spring Collection 2012

Shoes: Diana Ferrari sandals, Summer 2012 collection

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