Today’s Outfit: Shorts de jour

Shorts have certainly been flavour of the month! As a dress lover, this is a bit of a surprise. However, my recent trip to Mexico and Cuba convinced me that shorts are where summer fashions are at – they are practical and show off my ass-ets. We all need to make the most of what we’ve got!

So, earlier this week, I welcomed two pairs of linen shorts from Crossroads to the family. The best part, is they are currently on sale for $14.95 each!!

Today, I wore my gorgeous new hot pink short shorts matched with my (already blogged about) thin, white cotton Ralph Lauren shirt. In 35 degree heat, it was an excellent choice. And looked the part too while sipping iced coffee with a long time time in one of Sydney’s fashionable suburbs.

I must admit, the shorts are not a perfect fit. I should have waited till they were a bit looser as they are rather short. And, as a classic dresser, I don’t believe everything should be on display. But, sometimes reason goes out the window. And I really, really wanted to wear them. However, to ensure I maintained the classic look, I partnered them with a loose fitting top.

IMG_2613 IMG_2616

Are you a shorts lover too?

The Outfit:

Shirt: Ralph Lauren white cotton shirt

Shorts: Crossroads hot pink linen shorts

Shoes: Haviana thongs (for the US readers, flip flops)

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