The Cocktail Dress – Black Lace

This is my first Aussie Curves Challenge and I am so excited to be involved!

Dressing for cocktail parties is difficult!! These days, what does a cocktail dress look like? More than often it involves my work clothes because I am normally invited to these functions for work. Gen Y don’t typically host cocktail parties – yet anyway!

Traditionally, I associate cocktail parties with sequins, lace, heels, martinis, chandeliers – most definetly a luxurious and elegant affair. As a younger woman, a fantastic opportunity to showcase ones cheeky, fun and sexy side!

So, with this as the basis of my outfit, I have chosen my newly acquired black lace Karen Kane dress.

This dress is flirty and fun without being too much. The black lace  gives it an elegant feel, as does the scalloped lace neck and hemline. I also love the see through lace over the arms and decollage.

It’s a relatively conservative outfit but is perfectly feminine and emphasises my curves.

I am excited to partner it with amazing hair, make up and accessories; when I do, BAM!!

IMG_2628 IMG_2624 IMG_2625

The Outfit:

Dress: Karen Kane, V Neck Scalloped Lace Dress (via

Shoes: Black heels with lace overlay (brand unknown)

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