Summer Lovin’

This summer I am LOVING being at the beach. Because 6 weeks in Mexico and Cuba soaking up the sun, sand and ummm surf wasn’t enough. Australia has amazing beaches and I plan on enjoying every minute of our summer. And yes, that does include stripping off and playing in the water.

However, others are really surprised by this because I am plus size. But why? Why would I not do what I love?

Part of loving the beach, and the water, is having a fabulous swimming costume. I have 4 pairs of swimmers – 3 are exactly the same style in different colours; black, white and hot pink.

They are expensive but in them I feel supported, feminine and sexy.

So, here are some pics of me this morning at Balmoral Beach in Sydney in my fabulous swimmers.






And another in my white costume.

IMG_2636Outfit Details:

Swimmers: Berzelli Swimwear in black and white

7 thoughts on “Summer Lovin’

    • Thank you! I am loading another blog post tonight where I am back in my swimmers. Pics taken with a high definition camera. Certainly don’t have an issue being in my swimmers at the beach, but in high definition on the internet – that’s another whole level !!

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