Casual Acceptance – Part One

This is a post I am very excited, but also very intimidated, to write.

A dear friend of mine accepted the challenge to take some pics of me for this blog. We spent half a day at Balmoral Beach talking business, photography, dreams, and what we want out of life. And taking photos. It was a hilarious experience and in itself is confronting. I love taking happy snaps, but when the focus is on parts of my body I prefer to down play? And when you know the images are going to be in high definition! It was certainly an experience!

The brief was to capture my casual style while maintaining a sense of youthful elegance. I am naturally cheeky (excuse the pun) and fun. I’ve always had these characteristics but for the vast majority of my life wasn’t able to find clothes to  showcase this to the rest of the world. I still find the Australian market doesn’t match my desire for a range of sophisticated clothing for the younger professional woman while remaining stylish (very different to fashionable!). As a result, I’ve developed what seems to be a relatively unique style from my international travels and purchases overseas where demand for plus size clothing is much more obvious.

I have taught myself to build a wardrobe which works with my body. A body which is far from not perfect. Some may go a lot further than that. However, it is mine and I strongly believe in making the most of what you’ve got. And for each of you it will be very different.

This post is only part one, I will post the second one tomorrow night where I have once again stripped off to my swimmers – but this time in high definition. A truly scary concept, for women of all shapes and sizes!

I encourage you to share these posts with anyone you know who has made a comment about their body not being perfect. I hope to show women that there is no such thing. Acceptance and confidence don’t come from the outside.

I hope you enjoy viewing my perfectly imperfect photos.

And Linhlan, a truly genuine thank you.

For the rest of you, apologies for going back to selfies after the next post! 😉








Outfit Details:

Top: Eileen Fisher dusty blue knit singlet purchases via Neiman Marcus

Shorts: Style & Co pink shorts purchased at Macy’s in NYC

Shoes: Havianas

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