Beach Acceptance – Part Two

Today, is my one month anniversary as a style blogger!! Thank you to all those who have supported me along the way. The positive feedback, the photo sessions, the advice, all of it. THANK YOU!!!

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post Casual Acceptance – Part One, I am baring all again. The feedback was so incredible and obviously struck a chord with women everywhere. So, instead of hiding behind a filtered iPhone pic, my approach is different.Β High definition camera, beach, barely clothed and size 22. Hmmm. I am known to push barriers, and this is no different!

Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, colours. Beauty isn’t one thing. So next time you look in the mirror Β and dislike what you see, either change it or figure out a way to enhance what you’ve got.

These pics prove that women of all sizes, but particularly those who are bigger, can enjoy life and live the way they want. I do. And it is as simple as just doing it.

The best part about this day was I had an amazing day at the beach with my friend.

I hope you enjoy flicking through the photos as much as I do.













Outfit Details:

Top: Karen Kane

Swimmers: Berzelli Swimwear in hot pink

16 thoughts on “Beach Acceptance – Part Two

  1. You are so stylish, and as someone who hides behind the camera I admire your bravery! I wish I had half your courage and fashion sense cx

  2. You are beautiful! That’s such a cute suit. As a lady from the US I must say I’m incredibly jealous of these beach-themed photos in early January! Lucky duck! Thank you for not being afraid to put your entire self in a photo, by the way. I’m still learning to be comfortable with it. You are beautiful and best of luck on your continued success!

    • Thanks for your incredibly kind words, Sarah! I have just returned from a trip to the US, and as much as I love Australia (and its summers) I am a tad jelly I’m not there. LOVE the US!! Particularly NYC – now THAT is a city. Love the diversity and the fast paced nature of it. x

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