I’m game if you are….

This is going to be a most unique post. And one I never thought I would write.

Today, a friend of mine sent me a link to The Sydney Skinny Swim. An ocean swim taking place on Sunday 23 February 2014 to help raise funds for the the national park around Sydney Harbour where I grew up. Then I looked at the link properly. A NAKED ocean swim. Sorry, did I just read that correctly?? My automatic response was to say no. Absolutely not. Not frigging way. Are you kidding/mad/drunk? Then I got thinking.

I started this blog to primarily showcase my style and discuss clothes. However, I also did it to show society that bigger women can be beautiful, and stylish and we don’t have to accept the slop major retailers think is appropriate. Essentially, to push barriers on how society sees women, and how we see ourselves. From where I am sitting, despite all the labels we like to tag ourselves, we are all the same. We are all women. We all face the same issues with our bodies. And there are so many who refuse to live the way they want because they are worried about how they look in an outfit (or out of it!). Sorry, but are you kidding me??? Life is short, and we only get one shot. This obsession with perfection needs to end because it is unattainable. It can never be achieved because it doesn’t exist. What I view as stunning/interesting/sexy/attractive is different to the person next to me.

So, I have decided to participate. Am I comfortable with it? Absolutely not. Being in swimmers is one thing, being stark naked in front of hundreds of people is something else.

But, I will make the commitment that if I reach $750 for The Foundation of National Parks and Wildlife, I will do the 300 metre swim – NAKED. If I raise a ridiculous amount of money (an amount to be decided), I will do the 900 metre swim. But to do this you will need to share this with your friends and family. You spread it, and I will get naked. Sorry, I had to put at least one dirty comment in there!!

Despite my concerns I am looking forward to it. Spectators are not allowed, and before you ask, I will not be posting naked or even semi naked pics on the blog. Disappointing I know.

So, I humbly ask you give me some cash in the name of nature strips, furry animals and me being naked while swimming with the fishies.

To donate, click here.

The first person to donate will get a prize, as will the largest donation. Please note, this prize might be the satisfaction of knowing you have given money to a good cause.

Now, for some training. It looks like I’ve got the naked part down pat….

13 thoughts on “I’m game if you are….

  1. Go for it!…. of course I’m biased being a Naturist, but I competed in the first Sydney Skinny in Feb 2013 & I was in the first wave of 50 to enter the water (but finished as the 2nd wave caught up to me!) it was so amazing to sit on the beach & watch all the first time Nudey’s of all shapes/sizes/ages finishing their swim and exit the water and I heard the comments such as “Wow, I didn’t know skinny dipping was so much fun” as well as “I don’t want to swim in a costume again!” and also chatting to some of these first timers asking us seasoned Nudey’s where other nude beache’s were.

    Rest assured there is nobody judging your body and it is in no way sexual, it is just a freeing expirence to swim nude and can only be understood by those who have done it 🙂

    • Thanks for the feedback ! I am looking forward to it. Typically I don’t have an issue being naked, but this scenario is a little different. I might see you there as I am trying to register for the second wave.

      • Alas I can’t make it this year as I have my kids that weekend & not negotiable with ex wife…. But I eagerly await your posting on how the event goes & what your experience was like.

        I run a Naturist news page http://www.facebook.com/australiannaturistnews where I post body positive articles when I find them & strongly believe non sexual nudity is a life affirming act which improves people’s body image & self esteem 😉

  2. This is Angie here of Angie & Steve from All-Nudist.com. I usually only get involved when there are women’s issues; and this is one!

    I too am a ‘plus sized’ woman and have suffered the insecurities and indignities we all do. I first discovered an incredible level of self acceptance when Steve dragged me into social nudism, and I love him for doing so! Never before in my life did I feel accepted for who I am rather than how I look according to society’s standards. I’m totally hooked.

    You’re not a naturist, and the Sydney Swim is not a nudist/naturist event, but you will find the same level of acceptance that you would in any social nudist situation. Enjoy it! Unless you should choose to pursue the nude lifestyle further, this may be the one time in your life when you can feel free to be you, only you, without fear of condemnation by others for your appearance. Imagine that, huh?

    Should you feel interested in continuing to enjoy this freedom, please visit our website or contact Nudeyman (commented here and a good guy) for more information. You will never regret that.

    Should this be your one and only nude experience, enjoy! And be sure to share with us your conclusions!

    We’ll be sharing this article on our website, by the way. You just got famous!

  3. Hi again, I “re-found” this article when my good Friends from All-Nudist commented above ^^ you posted this back in 2014, wonder if you are planning on doing the Sydney Skinny this year?

    I’m doing it this year and I even convinced my wife to join me… she enjoys getting nude with me all the time, but only if it’s just her and I these days, she won’t go to a nude beach etc. if someone she knows is there (nudist friends of mine that she’s met clothed before)

    This is something that has developed in the last few years after she came home to be confronted by 5 naked men and 1 naked woman sitting at our kitchen table drinking coffee (sounds like a movie scene I know)

    I had organised a nude table tennis day in Winter a few years ago and my wife knew about it but she had planned to warm to the idea before maybe coming downstairs to join in with us if she felt confident… But we were waiting for the heaters to do their job downstairs so had a coffee in the kitchen which was hot due to the central heating…

    Well it ended badly because a close friend of mine who she had met before was there and she felt awkward seeing him naked, so ever since then she has this phobia of being seen by people she knows…

    I managed to get her to go to Cobblers beach (with the proviso that nobody she knew was there) with me a couple of months ago and she wasn’t too bad.

    Now here’s the thing, she’s not a plus size… she’s around a size 8-10 and has always had poor body image, as a teen she had anorexia and although now she doesn’t think she’s fat, she thinks her body is ugly 😦

    We are swimming in wave 7 which is the one after the Body Image Movement and I have told Taryn Brumfit from the BIM and she has said to come and say hello after the swim…

    I’m hoping that the BIM can be a positive influence 😉

    Anyway I might see you there too!


  4. You are not alone. There are projects that are currently in the works.

    Changing the Perception of Beauty, a kickstarter project which met its goal this Jan 2.

    and a site designed by women for women …

    ”Women love each other, support each other, defend each other.
    It comes at a greater cost to you to attack the women
    around you than it does to empower them.” – Caitlin Stasey


    Thank you for being an inspiration to others.


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