Kmart doesn’t hit the mark….

Tonight, I visited my local Kmart for an extra pair (because four isn’t enough…) of swimmers. Really, it was half a pair of swimmers, bikini bottoms,  to help me ‘train’ for the naked ocean swim in February 2014.

There were some decent styles, patterns and colours for the average woman, but the styles for bigger women are atrocious. The bigger sizes were the swimmers equivalent of a moo moo – unshapely, unflattering and uninteresting.


This is why I buy my clothing overseas. The clothing raises the bar with items which are fashionable, stylish, and have a variety of sizing.  The only clothes I haven’t bought from the US are my swimmers which I wore in Beach Acceptance – Part Two and Summer Lovin, and some cotton shorts featured in Shorts De Jour.

I am a very proud Australian, and I would prefer to shop Australian. However, if our national retailers don’t give us decent options, then we either dress terribly, or we source other options.

I am really disappointed in Kmart – we deserve better. And with the collective plus size movement gaining momentum, we will get it. If major retailers don’t come up with the goods, it will impact their bottom line. And frankly, they deserve it.




0 thoughts on “Kmart doesn’t hit the mark….

  1. I happen to agree with this observation. I used to work in a small town clothing department store and we only ever got 2 or 3 styles of larger womens swimwear, and these were either plain brown or black… boring. I always felt so bad for our customers when they came to look at our selection only to find it was not even worth while. Unfortunatly when the stock doesn’t get sold the stockist think there is no need for a bigger range, its a vicious cycle. Needless to say the last swimsuit I bought, I ended up settling for a black one piece that is ill fitted.

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