Naked practice run 1 – SUCCESS!

Today, I got naked. At the beach. Fully, stark naked.

I originally wanted to do my first test run in bikini bottoms, but I couldn’t find any in my size, or didn’t look like a pair of granny undies. So, I had no choice but to go naked.

I have been to Cobblers Beach before with a gentleman caller (sans being a gentleman) and I remember him telling me that there were rules while being at a nudist beach.

1. Don’t overtly stare;

2. You need to get naked, or at least predominantly naked because otherwise it’s bad form and you look like a pervert; and,

3. It’s not sexual, so don’t do inappropriate activity on the beach.

I walked down expecting 4-5 people  in their naked glory. Well, there wasn’t – there was at least 50 people!! Hmmm. The people down there were  mostly men but also quite a few couples. I seemed to be the only single lady.

When I finally found a spot, I put down my towel, unpacked my bags, took off my sandals, got on my knees ready to whip my dress off (I came prepared underneath). Reality hit. Holy mother f*cker – I need to take off my dress and get naked in front of all these people. I kneed the towel for what felt like several minutes but I knew I had to take it off. Rule number 2, I cannot be here wearing a bright pink dress. So, thankfully I had a wave of courage and I whipped it off and fell onto my towel. SUCCESS! I am naked on the beach.

Surprisingly, after a few mins, I was getting into this. It felt nice having the sun on my entire body. Also sounds odd, but I felt very comfortable lying there. I guess that isn’t too surprising because my back and my butt are body parts I like. And I wasn’t moving.

However, as the hot sun baked me, I knew I had to turn over as I didn’t want to burn.  So, all of a sudden just flipped. OMG. This is a big deal!! There I was, facing the world in all my glory. Again, after a while I kinda got into the groove of this. I had my music playing. I had my arms support the back of my head welcoming the experience. This wasn’t so bad. It felt – empowering.

This is a big mental challenge for me, and here I am doing it. Like everything in my life, I have always tried to push myself and this is no different. But, then I realised, I wasn’t completely doing it. I was laying down and everything looks better laying down.

After an hour of flipping back and forth, I decided today wasn’t the day to go into the water. It was hot, and I would have loved to go in. But, sometimes things are about timing and I wasn’t ready. I had made good progress so I was happy. So, I put on my dress, packed my stuff and walked over to the water to help splash off the extra sand off my legs.

Anyone who knows me, knows I am a water baby. I LOVE the water, which is probably why I have never had an issue being in a swimming costume – being in the water comes naturally to me. But, as I was splashing the water on my legs, I was thinking….could I do this…..could I whip off my dress and jump in.

SO I DID!! In front of the entire beach, I whipped off my dress, nothing underneath and I slid into the water. It was AMAZING! The water was crisp and cool over my entire body and as I paddled about I listened to a bunch of people who were talking about the dolphin who visited the beach the day before. It felt civilised.

Knowing my parking had nearly expired, I grabbed my dress and walked up the beach and back to my car.

What an experience. The funny thing was as I walked to the car I found myself smiling at what I had just done. It felt good. It felt liberating. In a really funny way I knew that it was something, with practice, that will impact the way I view myself and my body. And I  knew I wanted these feelings to be my norm.

It is a confronting experience but one I am really pleased to be doing. I highly doubt I am going to turn in to a naturist, however, I can see the appeal and would strongly encourage it to anyone who wants to boost their self confidence and learn how to accept their body.

What is blaring obvious, is every single person on that beach looks different naked. And for me, that’s exciting. How can there be one type of perfect body when we are all different??







16 thoughts on “Naked practice run 1 – SUCCESS!

  1. Pip, you are an inspiration & well done! Firstly, well done for pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, secondly, you are right, we all have different bodies & all of them are perfect in their own way. You are happy, healthy & confident, which is how we all should be! Keep on at it, you really are amazing.

  2. This is awesome. Well done my love. To be honest, I have always chickened out when given the opportunity to go nude – so am so proud of you and inspired!

  3. Excellent and most fun! You’ve discovered that which many before you have; it’s fun to be naked outdoors and it just feels GOOD! That’s all, it’s just fun and you realize that the way other folks look simply doesn’t matter. Such a simple idea and so obstructed by those who have never tried it. Life is a growing experience; why limit yourself according to society’s norms?

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  5. I’ve been a dedicated nude beach-goer for almost two decades now,and on the half dozen occasions that I’ve been able to talk a friend into trying it out,THIS or something similar is always the result. The only regret they ever express is that they didn’t try it sooner. By all means,I hope you intend to spread this unique joy to any friend or family member that’ll trust you enough to give it a try.

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