The stakes have been raised in the naked race

It would seem that word has gotten out that I am doing a naked swim for charity.

Well my friends, the stakes have just been raised. Blackmores, the vitamin and mineral company, has generously sponsored me $1000 to complete The Skinny Swim. Frankly, I am in shock. A friend called me just as I found out and I couldn’t stop laughing.

In my initial post announcing my involvement, I smugly said that if I smashed my target (because as if I was going to raise more than $750), I would do the 900m race. So here it is people, I AM DOING THE 900M RACE – IN THE BUFF. Honestly, I am starting to freak out. My fitness isn’t where it needs to be to complete the race and I am also petrified of sharks. Did I also mention the race is NAKED??

As my fitness needs work, some other friends at Vision Personal Training Mosman are giving up their time to help train me. I had my first class today (first PT session tomorrow), and I was pleasantly surprised with the experience. I hadn’t been to a gym where the classes are small and you had individual assistance. I might even enjoy it….

Thank you Blackmores and thank you Vision PT Mosman. I am so proud to call you my sponsors for this race. Not only will this support help me physically survive the race (I hope…), but I am so pleased to see the business community rally around important issues such as positive body image and protecting our national parks and wildlife.

If anyone would else like to donate, no matter what size, please click here.




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