The man with the crazy laugh: RIP forever and always

On the 17th January 2013 a friend of mine, Si, died of brain cancer. He was (just) 31 years old.

Si was a great man with a crazy laugh and an incredible ability to really live life every single day. No matter who you were, he would greet you with a massive smile on his face and that smile was contagious.

One of my fondest memories with him was in Melbourne, where we both happened to be at the same time. We spent the day sightseeing and making up the most ridiculous stories about different buildings, bridges, and other major landmarks. We literally created history. We would egg each other on by adding ‘funny you should mention that…’ after we had each finished our little story. People would have looked at us as though we were crazy with our shrieks of laugher.

Without fail he mentioned this day to me every time we spoke in the lead up to his death.

Si, your legacy will always be in those who were lucky enough to meet you. We all know you’re looking down on us, wishing us the very best. In particular, I can imagine you laughing that crazy laugh, and cheering me on as I swim the naked swim.

Melbourne Nov 08 049


Melbourne Nov 08 052


Melbourne Nov 08 065


My Farewell Jan 2009 010



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