Progress report for The Skinny Swim

As many of you know I have decided to swim NAKED for charity on the 23rd February down at Cobblers Beach in Sydney.

You may also be aware that I am incredibly nervous.

But, I wanted to say thanks to all those who have supported me since the announcement and give you a little update on how things are tracking. So, firstly a massive thanks to Blackmores for donating $1000 for the National Trust of Wildlife and Parks but also the amazing support I have had from individuals within the company. Not only has the company supported me, but the people are cheering me on from the sidelines. I even met with one of their naturopaths who gave me some great advice and product to help my body repair after the work outs at Vision Personal Training Mosman. I will definitely do a post about my experience at Blackmores HQ – if only I worked in consumer PR because damn! that is one cool place and organisation.

Back to Vision PT Mosman. These guys were the first to support my quest and I have been AMAZED at how much I have enjoyed the experience. Frankly, I hate gyms. Boring. Dull. Guys with huge muscles who only look at themselves in the mirrors while they slap their biceps and give themselves a sneaky smile.

Well, I had no idea about the way these guys operated. I only participated in their free Saturday morning walks with a friend of mine who is a gym member which is why I chose to approach these guys. But, I kind of love it. With anything for me, it’s about the people. I walk in and people actually know each other. My trainer Kirsty is a gorgeous little gem who works me hard and follows me up during the week to find out how my eating is going because I am too slack to enter it into the system. She has always made me feel so welcome and human – not something I have experienced at a gym before.

Ladies, let me assure you there are plenty of muscly and GORGEOUS men here (hope none of the boys at the gym read this – awkward!), but the arrogance and wanky-ness of it isn’t. You can tell instantly that these guys are great at what they do. The classes are small and have multiple trainers – WTF?! Think of it as the private school education for gyms. My fav is the cross training group session – after the walk club which I miss when I don’t do it. At cross training last week there were about seven trainees and THREE trainers. They come over and force you to work harder, without being douche bags. This works perfectly for me because I can get lazy. The classes are like a personal training sessions, but not. As a result I feel my fitness levels are improving, but still not great. Hopefully on the 23rd, I will be fit enough to swim confidently and as a result not drown.

On the swimming front, I did practice at the iconic North Sydney Olympic Pool and busted out 1km in about 26-27 mins. Not too shabby, but a long way to go. And no, I wasn’t naked!

I haven’t gone down to Cobblers for another naked test run just yet. I hope to do one this week and will certainly let you know how it goes. Oh, and if anyone has any hints/tips/etiquette guides on ‘landscaping’ in nudist areas, all advice would be welcome! I certainly don’t want to be known as Pervy Pip….

If you are able to support (even $2!!) please click here.

Anyway, thanks to everyone for your support. Next time I am naked in public, I will think of ya’ll!



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