Fun in the rain

What an amazing morning. 

After my gorgeous trainer, Kirsty, worked me hard in the gym I caught up with a friend and her kids at Balmoral Beach.It was meant to be fun in the sun, but it was more like fun in the overcast-ness/rain.

You know when you have an amazing morning and you’re just so grateful for the people in your life? Lucy is one of those people for me. 

I met her through work – she was the client and I the supplier. I will never forget the first time I met her – all smiles and style. She was this natural beauty who was (and still is!) confident and sharp. Not only is she ridiculously warm and friendly but amazing at what she does and just gets stuff done. Respect! Seriously, what’s not to admire? 

I would have been around 25 when I met her and in many ways still impressionable (I guess we always are) but I knew I wanted her in my life. She was someone I was instantly drawn to and is one of the women in my life I look up to and admire. 

Anyway, we caught up for breakfast at the Balmoral Boatshed, followed by a visit to the beach! While Baby D needed feeding, I built sandcastles and played in the water with 2 year old, L. This kid, is a kid to love. When I first held him as an itsy bitsy baby, I cried. Well, now he is growing into the funniest, sweetest kid ever. And he loves being naked! While I kept my clothes on (crazy this now needs to be confirmed publicly), he couldn’t get naked fast enough.

Here is a pic Lucy took of us playing at the beach.


But, what was even better about this morning, was Lucy mentioned her outfit was inspired by this blog!! And she looked gorgeous!!




The photo is a bit fuzzy (apologies) but the outfit is perfect for summer! The top is sleeveless, white cotton with pink flamingos on it!! It’s also button up which is practical for us childless ladies, but especially for those with new babies who to feed. every. two. hours. I would love one of these, but not sure the size 18 will be big enough. I am certainly going to try though!

The shorts are linen in grey-blue. Classic! And we all know what I think of linen shorts in summer – they look the part and are very practical. 

So, all around an awesome day!

Outfit Details:

Top: Sportscraft, Fran Print Shirt

Shorts: Next Direct, Grey Linen Blend Shorts

One thought on “Fun in the rain

  1. Awww Pip you are so sweet! Loved our morning & so did little L who told me in the car on the way home that he had fun with Pip his best friend.
    The pink flamingos were what sold me on the shirt. 💞

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