Customer service is still in vogue: Lafayette148 New York

Yesterday, I had the most phenomenal customer service experience which has blown me away. And, I am so pleased it was with one of my favourite brands Lafayette148 New York.

I ordered three items from the Lafayette 148 New York website last week but had some issues placing the order because I am based in Australia. Being an avid US shopper I knew to engage with the customer service team to help me process the order. The engagement was seamless and easy (as I would expect) but by the time we were ready to process the transaction the pants and jacket I ordered were no longer available! I was shattered. The jacket is a gorgeous caramel cotton twill double breasted jacket (below) which would be perfect in my wardrobe. It’s classic, stylish and practical. I cancelled the rest of my order because the hero item in my order was the jacket. I wrote to the customer service team and asked how this can be avoided in the future because I had my eye on the jacket for 3 months – I was even willing to buy it a size too small!!!

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 10.16.00 am

What came next blew me away. The customer service team proactively asked whomever behind the scenes whether they could get the jacket and the pants MADE SPECIFICALLY FOR ME. There was material for the pants, but unfortunately none for the jacket. I am still upset the jacket isn’t in my wardrobe, but the pants (and a sweater) will be in three weeks time! And, they are only charging me the clearance price.

In a period where customer service is rubbish, I have been blown away by this response. The fact this person even had the motivation to ask the question is phenominal. I am not a major department store buyer. I am not even a customer who buys the entire range at full price. I have 10 + items (which I LOVE) but bought most in sales. And this is how Lafayette 148 NY treats its customers.

I have praised Lafayette 148 NY for over a year due to it’s stylish clothing for bigger women. The quality is always second to none and the material is to die for. The clothing is sophisticated, classic, feminine and stylish. I feel like a woman in their clothing and unfortuantely one of only a handful of brands which make high end clothing for bigger women.

With that said, I still encourage them to broaden its range for plus size women, particularly those who are young professionals and want clothing which is classic and elegant but also modern and funky. The petite and standard range still has a lot more variety – many items I would love to get my hands on (specifically talking about the cashmere range – AMAZING!!).

Lafayette 148 New York, thank you for understanding your customers and knowing how to dress women of all shapes and sizes. You have turned an already loyal customer into an advocate of the brand.

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