Let the jogging begin!

I jogged 5kms this morning.

Well, I didn’t jog the entire 5kms  – but most. I was also last, but whatevs! I wanted to give it ago despite never jogging outside the gym before, and even at the gym it has been for 2 mins or so.

WHY would I do this? Good question. Maybe I am just a bit crazy, but mostly because I saw the opportunity and took it. And I had nothing to lose, apart from my dignity but as I am swimming naked I feel that ship has already passed!

The run was hosted by Vision Personal Training Mosman and 2XU Mosman. 2XU is a sports clothing brand which I had never heard of until a few days ago. A woman mentioned she wore the compression socks while she worked out – she had lost 45kgs!! And they were hot pink, LOVE.

So I arrived at the shop right on 7:30am and was freaking out a bit. I’m not a runner! I was looking around and as the numbers increased I got more nervous. I was told it was for all fitness levels. All lies!! Everyone was fit and buff!! And in designer exercise gear. Apart from me who was walking around the shop shi*ting myself about the run, while everyone looked so fantastic! People were very friendly and the trainers at Vision promised to stay with me the entire way which they did. I always feel like I’m letting the team down when people stay with me. I don’t mind being left to my own devices. I may come last but as long as I finish, I’m good.

So, we headed down to the local oval for some warm ups – also not what I was expecting. I just wanted to start and not prolong this process anymore than necessary.

After about 15-20 mins of stretching, intros and jumping around (definitely using the technical terms here) we started. Oh, lordy had we started! So for the first few mins I was doing ok. I had a Vision trainer on either side of me, and we were jogging as a group down Military Road (me right at the very back). In these first few minutes I appreciated the collectiveness of the running group. It was social and everyone was looking at us, and I would go as far as I was enjoying the environment. After about 200 metres I started puffing but I kept jogging, or rather joddling. A term I made up for what it is I am actually doing – jogging and waddling. The group was so far ahead of us already that they were mere specks on the horizon, and then they were gone.

But again, whatevs. I need to start somewhere.

After goodness knows how long we arrived at another local park for some talks on how to run better. I inwardly laughed at this, because I was just attempting to stay alive rather than learning how to do the process more efficiently. And then they wanted us to run around the oval in bare feet. They wanted me to jog more than the 5kms?? I did.

Then we cracked on with the main jog. Again, I had my girls on either side encouraging me and keeping me company. Seriously, these people are amazing. These people are so good to me, it’s ridiculous! In all honesty, I don’t know where I would be without them. They have become my health guardian angels. Anyway, we kept stopping and starting but ended walking a chunk of the stretch home which is when I started talking. I cannot jog and talk, and I have a much stronger fondness towards talking. But, we did jog the final few hundred metres back. Hurray!!

There was a bike challenge when we got back to the shop which I didn’t participate in. I was too busy looking at the clothes which I must admit do look fashionable and practical. But, unfortunately they only go up to XXL (16-18) on some of the clothes. It baffles me that exercise brands don’t make bigger sizing?? Surely there is a logical (and high profitable) market for bigger people who want cool exercise clothing?!?!? They had hats – maybe I could get one of those.

In the end, I am really glad I did it. And I hope to continue attempting, and learning how to jog. It’s certainly not where I was expecting this blog journey to take me, but that’s ok. I’m open to all sorts of experiences which is what makes life interesting.

Here are some pics for you to enjoy:

















4 thoughts on “Let the jogging begin!

  1. Awesome work pip. I’ve done a lot of running & it just sucks! Just accept that fact & keep doing it. The endorphins will kick in eventually! So impressed!

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