Nudist beach practice – round 2

Well, I did it!

I walked naked from the back of the beach to the water.

During my previous trip to Cobblers beach as practice for the Sydney Skinny Swim, I got naked, lay on the beach, and went for a splash. However, I just wasn’t ready to walk in the buff between my belongings on the beach into the water.

This time I went with a girlfriend. When I told people this, the first question they asked was “But wouldn’t that be more awkward?” My response was simple – “No, in fact having her there was like a security blanket”. We were in it together.

As we were walking down the beach to find ourselves a spot, the first thing I noticed was how many more women there were than last time. And, there were a lot of people – who knew going to a nudist beach was such a favourite pastime at 9am on a Sunday morning!

As soon as we put out stuff down, Laura whipped off her knickers and dress and stood there – she was ready for a swim! I was kind of expecting to get settled first but decided to follow suit. I had my knickers off and my dress around my waist when I started to panic again. It was the exact same feeling I had when I was trying to take my dress off last time. So while Laura wondered into the water, I stood there like an idiot with my dress on trying to build up the courage to do the same. I knew I could take it off and lay down – I did that last time.

So, after at least 5 minutes I made the choice to just do it. And I did. I put my dress down and I walked at least 15-20 metres into the nippy water NAKED.

As I walked, I just kept my attention on the water. I blocked everything else and focused on the task at hand. Surprisingly, I did try to d that, my brain just did it. Must have been the adrenalin!

This time around the water was very cold, so didn’t go in further than my waist. And I kept forgetting I was naked! It wasn’t until I started chatting to a French woman, that I remembered I was naked – and that’s because I kept seeing the reflection of my breasts in her sunglasses!!

Similarly to last time, it felt very civilised. People would say hello and come up for a chat.

The French woman and I had a particularly interesting conversation about nudism vs naturalists. What the difference was and different environments people live out their naked tendencies. She had frequented a camping ground in Europe where visitors were naked for the entire trip. Generations of people would be there together living in naked harmony. And it got me thinking….

If everyone did live more carefree and open to being naked (in a non sexual environment) would there be fewer rates of anorexia, bulimia and obesity? I am starting to think yes. I also wonder if it would reduce the rate of sexual crimes because the naked form wouldn’t be so taboo (I am certainly not saying the body isn’t sacred!). I don’t have any stats to back this up, but I look at my life and think if there wasn’t so much pressure to be a certain type of woman, with a certain type of body would the outcome for some of my friends and I be different? Would people, in particular women, have such guilt and self hatred towards themselves, and so judgemental towards others if they were exposed to different body shapes and sizes during their lives. I’m starting to think not….what about you?

I certainly don’t believe I am going to become a nudist or a naturalist, but I am really starting to see the value in being naked.

7 thoughts on “Nudist beach practice – round 2

  1. What a beautiful inspiration to everyone young and old! I wish you all the success in your future. You are a gorgeous, awsome person Pip.

  2. I really enjoyed reading about your experience. My wife and I are nudists and have been for many years (since college days in the early 90’s, Honeymoon in St. Martin (Orient Beach) and vacation site at a private nude resort). Your experience is one that we hear often from the newly initiated; once they give it a go, they realize how many thoughts and opinions they’ve held are challenged.

    Personally, we find that those that are absent the “Ken and Barbie” physiques are ones that are more confident and interesting. With a societal focus on “who is worthy” to be seen nude, we enjoy the trailblazers that care nothing about other’s opinions. To us, that’s the epitome of confidence and honesty with oneself. That’s not to say that we’ve not come across the svelte and slim that are humble as well. However, we’ve found more often those that don’t feel “nude beach worthy” (for a myriad of reasons) are more likely to give it a go when compared to those that “don’t want to see the non-nude worthy sans clothing.”

    Just to calibrate this opinion, my wife and I are active and fit. This is a side result of our recreational interests primarily. However, as we enjoy a naturist lifestyle and encourage friends/family who may be interested in giving it a try, we have no predefined physical, racial or age requirements for those that we encourage. As you said, we tell everyone that they will see a wide variety of physiques. For those that are worried they may not be fit, we use that fact as encouragement. For those that are worried they may be nauseated, we use that fact as discouragement; they do nothing but perpetuate the problem your blog works to address.

    I’m glad to see the result in giving a nude beach a go has had for your thinking. Even if you don’t become an active nudist, the fact that you ask the questions in the close of the blog is in line with our view on what your blog addresses; whether you get your kit off or not, be proud of what you have and non-judgmental of others.

    Have fun and continue spreading the good message!

  3. Hi Pip! Congrats again on doing the swim. I wish I had mustered up the courage. I love this post. I think a more relaxed approach to nudity would be very beneficial to our collective wellbeing and would also help dispel unrealistic expectations about the notion of a ‘perfect’ body. I think they’ve got it right in areas like Scandinavia and Japan, where nudity is embraced and accepted but violence is completely intollerable. I’ve never understood why horribly violent movies are rated only M but a movie with some nudity is immediately slapped with an R – I think it’s a little bit warped. (PS – i was doing the PR for the swim) x Rachel

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