Wedding Series – Number 2: Lavishly Lebanese

Unlike wedding number one, wedding number two was an incredibly lavish, Lebanese wedding.

With over 400 people, one of the few suitable venues was Dolton House at Sylvania Waters in Sydney’s South.

It was nothing less than spectacular. And it was an event I was honoured to be invited to.

The brides theme was princess and she certainly looked the part! The entrance involved smoke, the first dance involved the inside version of fireworks, and to make sure the (gorgeous) groom found the right woman, a glass slipper was presented and tried on.

Unlike the night before, it was a dry wedding. Personally, I was thankful. And, booze wasn’t needed. I love dancing so I got up with the family and friends and danced lebanese style. Even after practicing at the engagement party, I still haven’t mastered it. So instead, I just moved my arms and shook my booty – making a conscious effort trying not to look like a tart!

But, what does an anglo guest wear, when knowing the family and (Lebanese) friends would be dressed to the T. Anglos just don’t do it the way they do.

I decided on a knee length, black, lace, scalloped edged, V neck dress.

Lace always adds some occasion to an outfit, and the scalloped edges makes it very feminine. It was fairly clingy, maybe a little bit too clingy around my belly, but I only realised when I was out and about, so toooo bad! It did however showcase the shape of my booty, hips and bust (thanks to my VS padded, push up bras!).

I matched the dress with black pointy toe heels and a black sequinned clutch.

The pics of this dress are rather dark/blurry, but others can be found here.


My sexy date


The seriously beautiful bride – sorry about the pics!!








The stunning bride and I

Outfit Details:

Dress: Karen Kane, V Neck, Scalloped Edged lace dress in black (purchased via

Shoes: Pointy toe black heels

Wedding Series – Number 1: Simple, Graceful and Elegant

As I mentioned a few days ago, this week is full of weddings. Precisely, three in eight days. Yeah….

Finding a dress suitable for a wedding isn’t always easy, but thankfully each wedding was different, so I have been able to style an appropriate dress for the theme of each wedding.

Today’s post will be about the first wedding off the rank – Lauren and Pete.

The ceremony was at Lavender Bay, followed by the reception at Aqua Dining at Milsons Point.

Knowing that the bride was going with a simple, yet elegant gown, I too wanted to match the theme. And I must admit, I found it particularly difficult. I had a dress in mind but was concerned it was too clingy and possibly a bit too sexy. I also had another beautiful and elegant navy dress which was much more restrained, but felt it was a bit too sedate. My mood called for something a little more playful!

I also knew the wedding was going to be relatively relaxed, so the chosen outfit needed to reflect this.

So, in the end, and after asking my Facebook page followers, I decided on a beautiful, purple, Fuzzi fit and flow dress.

The mesh sleeves added some interest and sexiness to the dress, without giving too much away. The top was was also fitted, so it provided the femininity I wanted from the dress, and the flawy skirt added the practicality needed for a wedding. There needs to be some sensibilities – I am not a wall flower! I want to get amongst the action…..

Which I did! After the formal reception finished, a bunch of us (led by the bride) went clubbing in town. The night continued in a very untraditional manner involving, kebabs, champagne , Shangri La bridal suite, Indian music and returning home at the very respectable hour of 4:30am.

As someone who isn’t ‘a partier’ I was conscious of not going too hard too soon. This was after all the first of three weddings in a week!

Here are a selection of photos from wedding number 1 – I hope you enjoy!



IMG_3197 IMG_3204







Another friends boyfriend matched my outfit – so I claimed him as my own for the evening.


The bride and I


We got a little lost, so the shoes came off! Practicality always wins in my book!


The most spectacular city in the world – seriously….

Outfit Details: 

Dress: Fuzzi, Tulle V-Neck Dress in Violet (purchased via

Shoes: Target, Nude Heels

Bag: Balenciaga clutch in purple


Life After The Sydney Skinny

Since the Sydney Skinny Swim, many of you have asked me whether I have maintained my visits down to Cobblers Beach – trips which have been very well documented as I prepared for the swim.

Well, it would seem I have developed quite a taste for baring all.

Maybe I am in denial (as some nudist bloggers have speculated) about being a nudist, but I do continue to see the value of de-robing and taking a skinny dip.

I will re-iterate that it continues to feel very civilised and decent, otherwise I wouldn’t do it.

I have also noticed a difference in how I present myself in every day life. Confidence hasn’t really been an issue for many years but I have felt an extra boost – a boost which has been evident in other parts of my life.

I am not suggesting I will bare all several times per week, nor would I only go to a nudist beach but I do enjoy it while there. I certainly don’t feel so anxious while I whip my dress off.

The only downside I can see at this stage, is how packed Cobblers Beach is on the weekend. Maybe Sydney needs more nudist beaches?!

Fan The Flames

One of my favourite pages on Facebook is Word Porn. It would seem nearly almost every definition, quote or saying is appropriate to my life.

In fact, thanks to Word Porn I learnt the word Quaintrelle – the foundation of the name of this blog.

However, a quote came up a couple of days ago, and every time I look at it I love it a little more.

As the name of this blog implies, I live with a lot of passion, and I don’t mind taking risk if I think it will be good for me. However, sometimes you need others to help support, and encourage you.

This post, I dedicate to those who may, or may not know, the pride and love I feel towards them. People who have always supported me, and continue to fan my flames. I will always be grateful.



All White For The Girls

Last night I caught up with a great friend for pizza and wine. She is a former colleague and has been such an amazing support to me over the last little while. But, she is just a great girl to hang out with.

So, what does one wear to such an affair?

I however had a brainwave for all white (maybe that is thanks to all the weddings I am attending this week) and I wasn’t in the mood for another dress so I chose my favourite white denim shorts and and fitted faux white top. With purple heels, naturally!

My love affair with shorts is well documented here, here, here and here, but the top hugs my body and adds femininity and a touch of sexiness.

What’s your favourite outfit to hang out with the girls?

P.S. Please excuse the selfies…I hope to upgrade to a better camera (and someone to take some pics) soon!




Outfit Details:

Top: Maggie T, ballet wrap jersey top in white

Shorts: Jones New York, denim shorts in white

Shoes: Diana Ferrari, open toe satin heels in purple

Make up: NONE!

A Week of Weddings

Today marks the beginning of a VERY busy week with 3 good friends getting married. And to spice it up, a hens night has also been thrown in.

This is of course following the previous 2 weeks of hens and 30th birthday parties….

So, watch this space because I am going to document my style for each wedding as each is very different.

I have certainly selected some gorgeous frocks and polished off my dance shoes – my real home!

Maybe I will meet my groom at one of these weddings?