Someone else’s story….

Earlier this week, a friend of mine posted an article on Facebook by another curvy blogger, The Militant Baker (my soul sista) about an experience she had while out on a date.

I read it, and had that awful sinking feeling in the pitt of my stomach.

Her date, was was yelled abuse about being with a bigger woman. This has never happened to me, but it is something I think about and dread the possibilities. I admitted to a friend of mine while on our Saturday morning walks only a few weeks ago, that I even have that thought with friends. Not because I am ashamed of who I am, quite the contrary. I have taught myself to be strong, and have self belief and self respect. I know I can look after myself. But, I cannot protect the feelings of those I love if this were to happen. And for me, that is terrifying.

I really thought about whether I deliver this post, but felt they were words that needed to be said, and shared.

I encourage you to read her story. Maybe you will see the humanity behind our exteriors. People are incredibly judgemental, but rest assured that no matter how perfect, or imperfect, you think you are, there is always someone who will criticise you. So you may as well accept yourself and live your best life – for you. The rest will be water off a ducks back.

2 thoughts on “Someone else’s story….

  1. Pip, I love the way you share so openly and honestly. In that spirit I’d like to share two stories that happened to me a few years ago on this topic.

    A few years ago after the birth of my first littlie I was out for some drinks with my dearest friends when I was hit on by a drunk guy. I laughed along with his drunk pick up lines for about 2 minutes until finally I told him us girls really were quite okay on our own as we barely got to see each other anymore since I’d only recently had a baby. His reply “oh so thats why you’re fat”. Luckily I was with 2 sweethearts who immediately bundled me up and took me off for some serious confidence boosting… but the humiliation stung.

    The other story….I was out at a motorcycle race acting as chief support crew for my then boyfriend (now husband) and his mates. I’d taken along a very good (male) friend to support me in MY support. The two of us ran errands, fixed hydrating drinks, waved lap boards and flags and what-not for a good 8 hours.

    The day culminated in a presentation in a hot-overly sweaty-unventilated room. I stayed behind in the pits to do the last minute clean up while everyone else went upstairs. When I finished I walked into that hot, overcrowded (very masculine) room and immediately started sweating. I took off my jumper, grabbed a sausage sizzle from the food table and tried to tip toe my way across the very full room to the group of guys I was with. As I got there, my man’s mate nudged him and stated (very loudly) “Jesus Josh, she’s getting big. Better stick her on a treadmill and crack the whip!”

    The silence that followed was complete, as was my utter humiliation, as not one person, boyfriend or my friend said a word in my defence. I turned and fled (minus the sausage sizzle) and cried myself silly in the car while I waited for it to be time to leave. And why didn’t I confront my friends about sticking up for me? Because I (I realise now, very stupidly) felt I’d embarassed them! (oh the wisdom age and motherhood can bring!)

    Phew, thats my cathartic experience for the year done! Thanks for always sharing your honest stories Pip. Cxx

    • Chaun I am disturbed to hear these stories. Makes me so angry that people think they have the right to make these comments – even if jest. Everyone has their achilles heel in terms of words that affect them – including these morons. We just chose not to say it – and in many cases even think it! Look forward to seeing you tomorrow, sexy mama! x

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