Life After The Sydney Skinny

Since the Sydney Skinny Swim, many of you have asked me whether I have maintained my visits down to Cobblers Beach – trips which have been very well documented as I prepared for the swim.

Well, it would seem I have developed quite a taste for baring all.

Maybe I am in denial (as some nudist bloggers have speculated) about being a nudist, but I do continue to see the value of de-robing and taking a skinny dip.

I will re-iterate that it continues to feel very civilised and decent, otherwise I wouldn’t do it.

I have also noticed a difference in how I present myself in every day life. Confidence hasn’t really been an issue for many years but I have felt an extra boost – a boost which has been evident in other parts of my life.

I am not suggesting I will bare all several times per week, nor would I only go to a nudist beach but I do enjoy it while there. I certainly don’t feel so anxious while I whip my dress off.

The only downside I can see at this stage, is how packed Cobblers Beach is on the weekend. Maybe Sydney needs more nudist beaches?!

3 thoughts on “Life After The Sydney Skinny

  1. If you don’t mind the short home to get there, Werrong beach down near Stanwell Tops is quite pretty beach.

    My wife is starting to get comfy at nude beaches, though not yet comfy enough to disrobe, but she finds Werrong much less crowded, and therefore far less intimidating, than Cobblers.

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