Wedding Series – Number 1: Simple, Graceful and Elegant

As I mentioned a few days ago, this week is full of weddings. Precisely, three in eight days. Yeah….

Finding a dress suitable for a wedding isn’t always easy, but thankfully each wedding was different, so I have been able to style an appropriate dress for the theme of each wedding.

Today’s post will be about the first wedding off the rank – Lauren and Pete.

The ceremony was at Lavender Bay, followed by the reception at Aqua Dining at Milsons Point.

Knowing that the bride was going with a simple, yet elegant gown, I too wanted to match the theme. And I must admit, I found it particularly difficult. I had a dress in mind but was concerned it was too clingy and possibly a bit too sexy. I also had another beautiful and elegant navy dress which was much more restrained, but felt it was a bit too sedate. My mood called for something a little more playful!

I also knew the wedding was going to be relatively relaxed, so the chosen outfit needed to reflect this.

So, in the end, and after asking my Facebook page followers, I decided on a beautiful, purple, Fuzzi fit and flow dress.

The mesh sleeves added some interest and sexiness to the dress, without giving too much away. The top was was also fitted, so it provided the femininity I wanted from the dress, and the flawy skirt added the practicality needed for a wedding. There needs to be some sensibilities – I am not a wall flower! I want to get amongst the action…..

Which I did! After the formal reception finished, a bunch of us (led by the bride) went clubbing in town. The night continued in a very untraditional manner involving, kebabs, champagne , Shangri La bridal suite, Indian music and returning home at the very respectable hour of 4:30am.

As someone who isn’t ‘a partier’ I was conscious of not going too hard too soon. This was after all the first of three weddings in a week!

Here are a selection of photos from wedding number 1 – I hope you enjoy!



IMG_3197 IMG_3204







Another friends boyfriend matched my outfit – so I claimed him as my own for the evening.


The bride and I


We got a little lost, so the shoes came off! Practicality always wins in my book!


The most spectacular city in the world – seriously….

Outfit Details: 

Dress: Fuzzi, Tulle V-Neck Dress in Violet (purchased via

Shoes: Target, Nude Heels

Bag: Balenciaga clutch in purple


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