Wedding Series – Number 2: Lavishly Lebanese

Unlike wedding number one, wedding number two was an incredibly lavish, Lebanese wedding.

With over 400 people, one of the few suitable venues was Dolton House at Sylvania Waters in Sydney’s South.

It was nothing less than spectacular. And it was an event I was honoured to be invited to.

The brides theme was princess and she certainly looked the part! The entrance involved smoke, the first dance involved the inside version of fireworks, and to make sure the (gorgeous) groom found the right woman, a glass slipper was presented and tried on.

Unlike the night before, it was a dry wedding. Personally, I was thankful. And, booze wasn’t needed. I love dancing so I got up with the family and friends and danced lebanese style. Even after practicing at the engagement party, I still haven’t mastered it. So instead, I just moved my arms and shook my booty – making a conscious effort trying not to look like a tart!

But, what does an anglo guest wear, when knowing the family and (Lebanese) friends would be dressed to the T. Anglos just don’t do it the way they do.

I decided on a knee length, black, lace, scalloped edged, V neck dress.

Lace always adds some occasion to an outfit, and the scalloped edges makes it very feminine. It was fairly clingy, maybe a little bit too clingy around my belly, but I only realised when I was out and about, so toooo bad! It did however showcase the shape of my booty, hips and bust (thanks to my VS padded, push up bras!).

I matched the dress with black pointy toe heels and a black sequinned clutch.

The pics of this dress are rather dark/blurry, but others can be found here.


My sexy date


The seriously beautiful bride – sorry about the pics!!








The stunning bride and I

Outfit Details:

Dress: Karen Kane, V Neck, Scalloped Edged lace dress in black (purchased via

Shoes: Pointy toe black heels

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