Wedding Series – Number 3: Vintage and Garden

Well, I’m sad to say this is the final entry in the wedding series – I hope you enjoyed the pics (and stories!) from weddings one and two.

As you would have seen, the first two weddings were completely different and the third is no different.

The third wedding had a strong vintage and garden theme.

The ceremony was held in a lovely old art deco style building in the heart of Sydney’s CBD. A former dance studio, it had mirrors at one end, beautiful wooden floors, high ceilings and stunning floor to ceiling windows.

The reception was held at one of the gorgeous old buildings in Sydney’s botanical gardens.

So, what do I wear?

Having spoken with the bride about her dress, I knew she still wanted it all to be an elegant affair but also represent the couples eclectic style. As a considerate guest, I wanted my dress to match the style of the wedding. So, I chose one of my favourite new dresses – a high neck, sleeveless, belted green dress with cream polka dots.

The high neck is feminine and elegant – as are the polka dots. But it also had a vintage twang to it. The knee length, loose skirt added to that 1950’s feel to it and was perfect for a twirl or fifty on the dance floor.

Paired with my favourite nude heels (which came off as soon as I arrived at the reception), and my trustworthy weaved clutch, it was a polished look with a mix of vintage and modern.

I LOVED this outfit, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did…..







Green and cream polka dots – double take



Stunning ceremony venue






Seriously stunning bride – this was after I cried like a baby during the ceremony



Awesome-foursome – the happiest of evenings

Outfit Details:

Dress: Modcloth, Visual Visionary Dress

 Shoes: Target, Nude heels

Bag: Michael Kors, weaved clutch



2 thoughts on “Wedding Series – Number 3: Vintage and Garden

  1. Your dress was perfect! Simple yet elegant with a bit of personality 🙂 I loved the polka dots and the colour is one of my favs. You looked fabulous in it, just gorgeous!
    – from the Bride xx

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