A long absence….

I need to apologise for being MIA.

After the third wedding of the wedding series, I needed some time out. Firstly because socially my life had been hectic, and secondly, I started a new role which is great but always needs some time to adjust and I really haven’t had that opportunity. But also, I turn 30 in 2 weeks and it is making me evaluate everything. Again. I made some changes in July last year but with the actual birthday fast approaching, I am so focused on my achievements to date – I’m not satisfied with where I am. My poor friends have endured many serious conversations over the last few weeks/months.

Also, and possibly as a result, my mojo has been feeling….limp. I haven’t been feeling very womanly or sexy and I am keen to get back to where I was post (or even pre!) Sydney Skinny.

I was on such a physical high after the swim, but I stopped the exercise as my sponsorship ended. Big mistake.

This isn’t even a weight thing. I suspect I’ve added some kgs and oddly that doesn’t bother me as much as how I am feeling. And I think it boils down to me feeling frustrated. Which means I need to adapt.


So, I am using this long weekend to sort myself out. I went on my regular (usually, anyway!) Saturday morning walk, and now I am going through all my finances to see exactly where I’m at – I have been putting it off because I know it isn’t pretty. Another of lifes stressors. Are you reading this and starting to identify??

Thanks for being amazing and passing on some seriously great feedback (particularly to those who have admitted to being loyalists/happy stalkers!!).



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