An outfit for the swinging 20s

In addition to a bunch of weddings, it is also birthday season. 30th birthday season.

One of my closest friends hosted a 20s themed party down in Canberra.

I have been lucky enough to have Matt in my life for 12 years, and he has always been such a strong and fiercely loyal friend. I was so honoured that he asked me to make a speech where I was given strict instructions to not focus on the really troublesome stories! Surprisingly, that was easy because my favourite memories are not the funniest.

So what do I wear? I pulled out the dress I ALWAYS wear for 20s themed parties. It’s a drop waisted, sleeveless, croc print dress.

A drop waist dress isn’t the best option for a bigger, curvy body, but rules are meant to be broken! And here is nothing less attractive (or boring!) than someone not getting dressed up as per the hosts request!

I matched it with navy satin heels, a long necklace (unfortunately I didn’t have any long strands of pearls on hand) and a feathered head piece.










Outfit Details:

Dress: Jones New York

Shoes: Diana Ferrari

Necklace: Armani

2 thoughts on “An outfit for the swinging 20s

  1. Great outfit Pip. You looked smokin hawt! The 1920s really suit you! I bet your friend appreciated your speech, as I’m sure it was as genuine and heartfelt as all your blog posts – if.not more so. The photos certainly show a bond of strength, confidence and appreciation between you. Jealous!

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