Casual and sophisticated: Work Wear

My love affair with Marks and Spencer, and pink continues.

Can you see a theme at the moment? I actually don’t know what has brought on this theme, but I am loving it. I hope you are too….

You might think I calculate what I am going to wear, how I am going to wear it and what I am going to pair it with. Wrong. I look in my cupboard and see what is clean and then match that with how I am feeling. And today, I really wanted to wear a new long sleeve light pink top. I wanted to wear it because it’s not fitted, and (I think) very pretty. Simple and clean. This would look amazing with white pants or shorts, but knew I wanted to pair it with my navy jeggings. I will do a standalone post on jeggings, but trust me when I say these pants are AMAZING. They highlight my best ass-et without being too inappropriate.

I specifically like this top because the fabric is light enough for a variety of seasons but isn’t so light that you can see the bra underneath! I was wearing a beautiful pinky lace bra, but was originally worried everyone will see it through the fabric. Fortunately, you couldn’t see it at all which naturally adds to the sophistication. Visible bras do have a place, but not at work!!

As mentioned before, if I wear something loose, I like to match it with something more fitted. All items too tight, or too baggy doesn’t do my figure any favours. And remember, it’s about making the most of what you’ve got!

So far, it’s a comfortable outfit. But, I’ve been feeling quite softly feminine so I instantly knew my beige heels, and pink jacket would match, and finish off, the rest of my outfit.

I put it on, and was digging it. I felt great which is the most important thing! And it’s such a simple outfit.

Over recent months, I have been focused on rounding off an outfit with a jacket. I find it looks a lot more polished and also keeps me warm while travelling to and from work.

But, I typically don’t continue to wear my jacket while inside, so I chose my new cream coloured jumper with a fabulous coloured paisley print on the front. It added a bit of excitement to a very basic (but lovely) colour scheme.

So, below is a range of selfies – I hope you like it!!
















Outfit Details:

Top: Long Sleeve Boho Blouse in Blush, Marks and Spencer

Pants: Plus Super Skinny Perfect Shaper Denim Jeggings in Indigo, Marks and Spencer

Jacket: Plus Insert Collar Open Front Jacket in Nude Pink, Marks and Spencer

Jumper: Paisley Print Jumper in Oatmeal Mix, Marks and Spencer

Shoes: Beige pumps, Target


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