What is it to be vegan?

Good question, and I have no idea what the answer is.

But, last week I decided to try being vegan for one week. I originally said two weeks, but that sounded a bit hard. So I cut it down. Surely I don’t need to eat animal products for seven days. As I go out quite a lot, I’ve declared it is highly unlikely I will stick to it while out, but, I will try to make other choices more in line with a week of veganism.

So many people have asked me why am I doing it. Animal rights? Diet? And the only answer I can give is because I want to. Why not? I am open to all sorts of experiences and I always give people quizzical, ‘are you mad’ looks when they tell me they are vegan. So before (or continue to) I judge too harshly, I am going to try it. I get it from an animal rights perspective, but seriously, have they not tried Fromager d’Affinois??

I will document it on the blog and let you know how I am going. I might really love it, I might starve for a week, or I may just get really really angry and binge of eggs, meat, milk and cheese.

It’s 9:54am here in beautiful Sydney and I am yet to eat breakfast because I don’t know what to eat. This is going to be an interesting and a looonngggg week.

Happy Monday people!


3 thoughts on “What is it to be vegan?

    • I like oatmeal/porridge but doesn’t that involve milk? I do need to try rice milk and almond milk see how I like those. I blended a grapefruit, frozen berries, flaxseed oil and coconut water together. Very bitter but it’s nice. Thanks for commenting!

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