Work Wear: Classic knits with a difference

I’ve mentioned before, that I did a shoot in January of this year at Milson Point in Sydney. No make up, hair freshly wet. Very simple and uncomplicated.

So, we all know I am a girl who loves the classic look. But, I like it with a twist.

The top, a cream Calvin Klein knit, fitted number is very simple. The material is great quality, so it’s nice and thick but not too hot. The thickness helps provide shape and hides some of the extra bumps and lumps. But, the hero of this outfit is the skirt. It’s a gorgeous mid length fitted knit skirt. I also love the colour – grey/blue. Many women don’t go near the mid calf length skirt because it makes them look shorter. In some cases yes, but with heels I disagree. As much as I don’t like the personality, Kim Kardashian pulls the mid calf look off well and she is short! As I am tall it doesn’t worry me too much, but as my legs are not overly long (my height is in my torso) I do prefer to add extra height with some heels, to give the illusion of long legs.

I typically wear this outfit with my nude pumps, but for this shoot I used my Ivanka Trump pointed toe pumps in navy and cream.

As this outfit is fitted from top to toe, you need to be confident wearing it. With most things, it’s about how the outfit is worn, as opposed to the outfit itself. I have worn it to work, but I love this outfit when going out for drinks or on a date. It’s important to have outfits that make you feel something, and this is one of those for me.

Another good thing about this outfit is it’s suitable all year around. I would traditionally wear it in summer or spring, but with nude tights and a brown leather jacket, this would be perfect for an Australian winter.

The modelling still needs some (a lot !!) of work….

I will update this post with more details about the outfit next week so watch this space!













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