It’s my 30th birthday!

Well, it was 4 months ago. I am a bad blogger- I know, I know. Especially as it was my 30th!! So much has happened since then and I have previously apologised for the silence. But, some of my regulars have been complaining they haven’t seen anything from me recently.

So, my 30th birthday is a good place to start.

My 30th birthday was a big thing for me. Lots of questions like ‘Am I where I want to be?’, ‘Am I happy?’, ‘What am I passionate about?’ were asked in the year or two leading up to it. And answered.

I left my job (one year anniversary today) in the pursuit of travels, adventures and to shake up my life. I wanted more. And, that’s certainly what I got! In the past 12 months I have travelled to North America, Cuba, Mexico, Singapore and Malaysia. Not too bad. I have also met people who have fundamentally changed my life and made me question my life, who I am, what I really want and the greater world around me. Weight was lost, gained and I featured in two of Michelle Bridges aerobics video. My friends have stood by me through lots of highs and lows. Tears, laugher, tantrums and hope. I swam 900 metres naked for charity and I started my blog. And, FINALLY I landed my dream job.

When my 30th came around, I was going through a low. The key thing I wanted to change, hadn’t. So, instead of hosting a big shindig I just wanted my nearest and dearest around me. Over some great food, naturally! While wearing an amazing outfit.

It wasn’t an outfit for everyday. I really wanted a statement outfit and I found it while on Facebook. A fellow plus size blogger, Suger Coat It, showcased  sequin dress for an industry event. I needed it. I needed it for my 30th birthday. Bless her, she sent it to me with a lovely card wishing me a happy birthday, and off I went to my dinner at the conservative Chiswick Restaurant in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs in  my sequin dress (which is actually  peplum top and skirt). I will never forget the look an older typical older Eastern Suburbs lady gave me – she couldn’t quite understand what I was wearing, but 2-3 other women came up to me saying how much they loved it.

What do you think?

All up, it was an awesome night spent with my nearest and dearest. What more can one ask for to celebrate a major life milestone?























A New Purchase!

Sometimes a girl just needs to buy a new dress.  I have been disciplined and withheld my urges, but as I was scrolling through emails at 2am, I noticed my favourite brand Lafayette 148 New York had a big sale on. So naturally, I had to buy a dress.

It’s very conservative, but perfect for work and for play. It’s elegant, a quality I always aspire for in my attire, but typically fail to achieve. That’s why a great quality dress is important – it does much of the heavy lifting.

I may have picked up another bargain or two, but this dress is certainly the hero purchase.

I still wish Lafayette 148 New York would produce a broader range of plus size clothing, but it does continually increase which is promising.

Have you purchased a gorgeous garment recently?

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