CHALLENGE: Plus size clothing, no more!!

OK, so the heading isn’t what you will think – it has nothing to do with weight loss.

I have however decided to set myself a challenge. A challenge which I mentioned to a girlfriend over dinner tonight, only to be told it’s unlikely I will complete it. And this is why…

With 2015 fast approaching, I wanted to do something …challenging. And different. So, I have decided to set myself the goal of not purchasing any new make up (apart from foundation) or clothing throughout 2015. Now do you understand why my mate didn’t believe me?

Those of you that know me a little better, know I am a big fan buying new clothes (preferably those on sale…naturally!). But, as I look around there is so much stuff in my apartment. I never grew up buying lots of things but it’s a bad habit I have acquired. As a result I have lots of very lovely outfits, despite being plus size, but I have anything I need. And more.

So much so, that I will sell some of the items never, or barely worn, to clear some space. Don’t get too excited about this yet, because that will start in the coming weeks.

My mate bet that I wouldn’t last past 3rd April, and we have negotiated a very fair punished if I fail. However, I am looking for other punishments.

Do you think I’ll it the whole year without buying new make up or new clothing? If not, how long do you think I’ll last?

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