Balmoral, Bodies, and Booty

This morning, I was lucky enough to spend the morning with a dear friend of mine at Balmoral, one of my favourite Sydney beaches.

As I drove down the infamous Awaba Street, which leads to Balmoral, there is a spectacular overlooking view. From the top of the hill you can see Balmoral, different parts of Mosman, Middle Harbour, HMAS Penguin and the Heads (two bits of land which identifies the beginning of the ocean and the harbour).

As I drove down the street, there is a tiny beach visible in the distance – Cobblers Beach.

Yes, the same beach which hosted the Sydney Skinny and where I enjoyed the benefits of skinny dipping.

As I was chatting with my friend on the beach, in our swimmers, she asked me whether I would go back to Cobblers. Good question. In short, the answer is yes. I would go back. But, when? And why have I not been so far this summer?

I enjoyed the experience and truly felt it made me more confident about my body and the way I feel about it.

Maybe that will be another resolution for 2015…..

I will work on it.

What do you think? Should I go back to Cobbers Beach?

3 thoughts on “Balmoral, Bodies, and Booty

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  2. I’ve seen a range of nude beaches over the years (from California originally – we’ll take any excuse). Sydney is lucky to have its handful of nice nude beaches in beautiful settings, and more importantly with such a relaxed, community atmosphere – you don’t always get that. Cobblers is about as nice a nude beach environment as you’ll find, and it’s just too small for the creepy types you get at some beaches to feel comfortable – the perfect balance. It’s good for the soul, and for being comfortable in your own skin – you should definitely go again!

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