2014 – what did it mean to me?

For us in Australia, 2015 is only a few hours away.

I, and many other millions of people, get to this time of the year and become very nostalgic about all the experiences that have happened over the last 364 days.

People I have met, activities I have done, dreams I have conjured and achievements unlocked.

2014 has been a particularly interesting year for me. In 2013 I left a stable job in the pursuit of happiness before my impending 30th birthday. This process didn’t start and finish in 2013. In fact, I am sure this process will continue far into 2015. However, major highlights of 2014 included scoring a job I love, travelling, turned vegan for a week, meeting great new people who I am so pleased to say are my friends, swimming naked for charity and meeting Michelle Bridges and featuring in one of her videos as part of her 12 WBT program.

But, a great year doesn’t just mean amazing things happened to me. I was fortunate enough to be sitting front row and centre to witness my closest friends lives unfolding. Close friends fell pregnant, had babies, met the loves of their lives, and others married their soul mates.

I am truly blessed to experience all that 2014 had to offer my loved ones.

Overall, it was a pretty good year.

But, as someone who wants to achieve greatness (which I am still defining) I am setting some resolutions for the next 12 months. As you will see much of the focus is on building a healthier, wealthier and more happy life. Here is my list of resolutions for 2015!

1. Shopping ban – as shared with you already, I will not buy any new clothes, or make up in 2015. I just don’t need any more ‘things’ in my life….

2. 10,000 steps x 5 per week – with so many changes to my life this year, my exercise regime has fallen off the radar. I have purchases a fitbit, so monitoring my steps everyday shouldn’t be too difficult. I’ll be in touch on this one…

3. Manage stress – by nature, I’m a worrier. For those situations that do warrant stress, I don’t manage it as well as I could. So 2015 will be the year I experiment with other ways to help manage it. If you have any suggestions please drop me a line!

4. Grow my nails – over the last 2 years I have grown, and bitten my nails off numerous times. But right now, my stumpy nails have been painted a blue/green colour to help avoid me biting my nails.

5. Prioritise me – I’m single, and I live by myself, surely this should be easy?? In some ways it is, but other ways it’s not that simple. With a focus on next year being a happy and healthy one, this will be front of mind as I navigate the year to come. Hopefully in future years, this will need to take a back seat so I plan on focusing on this when I can!

6. Blog more! – I love it, so why not do it more? I’ve made this promise before, but I have set a metric around this for the coming year – at least 2 blog posts per week!

7. Hobbies – I love doing lots of things. But, I need to remain focused on 1-2 hobbies and stick to them!

8. Travel – I don’t want to over do this next year, but each year I do set the goal to visit a new international and domestic destination. I’ve achieved this over the last few years, and I love it so I hope to continue with it.

9. Charity – life isn’t just about taking, so in 2015 I would like to decide on a charity I can get involved with and give back to a society which has always given us a lot.

10. Be more positive – this is a standing goal because very little can be achieved while being a negative nancy. And frankly, it’s no fun either!! I’ve found being positive increases ones happiness and general well being, so why not nurture something that makes me feel good.

Some of these resolutions are simple, and others are a little more complex. But either way, I hope these will allow me to have a great 2015. There is always a fear of not knowing what’s coming, but the hope and excitement that what’s coming will be great pushes me along!

However, 2014 has not been overly kind to the world at large. Even though I have specific goals which benefit me, I sincerely hope that the people on this planet can play more nicely with each other. We have so many major issues to tackle now and for the future such as food resourcing, starvation, unimaginable violence and poverty. Even though I won’t change these by myself, I do hope to take a very tiny role in this change – will you?

I will leave you with a quote which is appropriate for the 31st December 2014 – “pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start again“. Thanks, Nat King Cole.

Otherwise, I hope you have a happy, healthy and wealthy 2015! See you on the other side xo

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