Houndstooth paired with a spot of colour

Getting back to my roots this morning – a clothes post!

During many conversations with friends, colleagues and all of you, there seems to be some serious resistance about too much colour or too big-a-pattern. Reading between the lines, I hear too many women worried about standing out and being noticed.

Bugger it! Why not wear pieces you love.

A favourite pattern of mine (and many of you!) is houndstooth – the black and white checkered pattern. I have several houndstooth pieces, including one of my favourite dresses of all time. With a wardrobe bursting with clothes, naturally I also have a couple of fab Ralph Lauren tops – one being a high necked, short sleeve piece. I personally don’t think it’s a particularly flattering top on me. I have a short neck, so a high neck top isn’t ideal. The material is also quite thin and clingy, so again not overly flattering me. But, I love it.

In the pics below, I have paired this top with a fav pair of Jones New York green pants. If you don’t want to stand out, brightly coloured pants may not be the best choice.

What pieces do you love?







Outfit Details: 

Top: Houndstooth, short sleeve top by Ralph Lauren

Pants: Green pants by Jones New York

Shoes: By Ivanka Trump Collection

The Sydney Skinny 2015 – Yay or Nay?

Many of you have been asking if I am participating in The Sydney Skinny 2015. After much deliberation, I have decided to do it!! AND, instead of participating myself, I will be involved in Team Nudie. Surprisingly, the decision wasn’t as easy as last year. This year there were more elements to consider…one being I had already done it. Was I going to achieve anything else by doing it again? The fact I decided to do it last year was a big thing for me. But it proved to be such a great experience which I think back on very fondly. The lead up to the swim was filled with so many great experiences. I had the privilege of being invited to the Blackmores HQ where I met with a gorgeous naturopath who gave me lots of tips and tricks on how to physically be prepared for the swim. The test runs were a hoot and the final event really forced me to push my own mental boundaries. For others, it pushed them physically as there are options for a 300 and 900 metre swim. This years participation will be more difficult – partly because my body is softer. But mainly because 2014 proved to be a roller coaster for me, and unknowingly my confidence took a hit. Those experiences had nothing to do with the physical me yet the impact on how I viewed myself was obvious. Thinking all this through made me realise that it was more important than ever to push my own boundaries. I fundamentally believe in doing things which make me a little uncomfortable because I know that if I don’t, I won’t change. Many of you reading this will automatically identify parts of your life which need some pizzazz and know exactly what I am saying. Doing day in day out activity can takeover your life without realising nothing is really changing. So here I am, standing in front of you, asking for your support. Whether your support be positive words of encouragement, or even deciding to take the plunge and do something yourself which pushes your own boundaries. Your support could also be financial. Similarly to last year, I have decided to raise money for The Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife – the link to my fundraising page can be found here. Even $10 would be helpful! I am sure to document the adventure that will be the Sydney Skinny 2015!

However, if you don’t want to donate, you’re always welcome to join me and the rest of the Nudie Crew!

Rain, rain, don’t go away

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve loved the rain.

I’ve always found there to be something very magical, and calming about it.

When I was four or five, I used to choose the biggest umbrella, decide on the biggest towel I could lay my hands on and sit on the grass in our backyard in the pouring rain. My mum would watch me while standing in the kitchen, as I enjoyed the peace of listening to the rain falling and try to fit my entire body under the hood.

I may not sit in the park, with an umbrella and towel anymore, but I still appreciate the sensation of feeling of being in the rain, and the sense of comfort and warmth as I watch and listen to the rain from the safety and warmth of being indoor.

With all true loves  not everything is perfect (particularly as I am trying to get to work, without an umbrella and my hair newly done!) but it’s so much more romantic to remember the good times and the way it makes (or made) you feel.

Where do you find comfort and peace?







How To Be Truly Elegant ?

This is certainly not my field of expertise. Even though I didn’t highlight it in my previous post about my 2015 resolutions, becoming more elegant is something I always aspire to. Clothing regularly comes up in this discussion and through this blog, I wanted to show that plus size women do not need to choose the trashy, fast fashion clothing Australian retailers make for bigger women. Thankfully, there are some extra choices on the market, but we still have a long way to go. Many have previously told me that elegance is not specifically what you wear, but rather it’s an attitude – a way of life. As I continue to seek brands I can refer to for great quality fabrics, well cut clothing and well fitting outfits, I do regularly source extra learnings on how to improve the overall package. By nature, I am more of a rough diamond than a polished pearl, but that doesn’t mean I cannot aim to be better. If this is a topic that interests you, here is an article from Vogue.com.au, that I think you will appreciate. It is a generalist article, but a good starting point. I would like to do another blog post on this in the coming weeks.