How To Be Truly Elegant ?

This is certainly not my field of expertise. Even though I didn’t highlight it in my previous post about my 2015 resolutions, becoming more elegant is something I always aspire to. Clothing regularly comes up in this discussion and through this blog, I wanted to show that plus size women do not need to choose the trashy, fast fashion clothing Australian retailers make for bigger women. Thankfully, there are some extra choices on the market, but we still have a long way to go. Many have previously told me that elegance is not specifically what you wear, but rather it’s an attitude – a way of life. As I continue to seek brands I can refer to for great quality fabrics, well cut clothing and well fitting outfits, I do regularly source extra learnings on how to improve the overall package. By nature, I am more of a rough diamond than a polished pearl, but that doesn’t mean I cannot aim to be better. If this is a topic that interests you, here is an article from, that I think you will appreciate. It is a generalist article, but a good starting point. I would like to do another blog post on this in the coming weeks.

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