Rain, rain, don’t go away

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve loved the rain.

I’ve always found there to be something very magical, and calming about it.

When I was four or five, I used to choose the biggest umbrella, decide on the biggest towel I could lay my hands on and sit on the grass in our backyard in the pouring rain. My mum would watch me while standing in the kitchen, as I enjoyed the peace of listening to the rain falling and try to fit my entire body under the hood.

I may not sit in the park, with an umbrella and towel anymore, but I still appreciate the sensation of feeling of being in the rain, and the sense of comfort and warmth as I watch and listen to the rain from the safety and warmth of being indoor.

With all true loves  not everything is perfect (particularly as I am trying to get to work, without an umbrella and my hair newly done!) but it’s so much more romantic to remember the good times and the way it makes (or made) you feel.

Where do you find comfort and peace?







2 thoughts on “Rain, rain, don’t go away

  1. I love the rain too. Especially at night when I am in bed, or in the morning when I wake up (only on the days I can sleep in though!)

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