Milky Feet: A scary experiment but does it work?

I get regular pedicures.

I get pedicures because I need them. I like nicely painted toe nails, but the dead, hard skin on certain parts of my feet needs a good pumice. Regularly.

So, as I was cleaning out one of my cupboards I found ‘Milky Feet’. Some gel filled booties is supposedly going to cleanse my feet of all the tough skin and leave me with beautiful, soft, milky feet.

I must admit, the process didn’t start particularly well. I have massive feet. As in, my feet are between 11 and 12 plus they have a high bridge. My feet wouldn’t fit into the booties! I actually had to cut the top of the booty so ensure my entire sole was in the booty and touching the gel. Once I stuffed my feet in the booties, I wrapped them in cotton socks.

Literally five minutes after putting my on my booties, and covering them with cotton socks, a former colleague pinged me for a chat. A friend I haven’t chatted with for months. I explain my exciting night in and her reaction went something like this…

“Oh God, YOU DIDN”T!!!”

My reaction – ‘ummm, yeah – I heard it works well. But messy”.

I suspect the next week (or two, or three) may remind me on NYC – lots and lots of snow. But, unfortunately for me, it will be snow which is in fact my dead feet skin.

Loyal readers, because I know you love it, I will update you on the experiment that is Milky Feet.

I will not document this experiment with photos – it might be horrific.

Have you used it?? I would love to hear your stories!!

2 thoughts on “Milky Feet: A scary experiment but does it work?

  1. And? What happened? Did your feet fall off? Did you grow another one? I desperately need something for mine but I’m scared to use them!

    • Nothing has happened yet! Some people I’ve spoken to said it takes at least 5 days before anything happens – only up to day two! Someone else I know said nothing happened for a couple of weeks. Don’t worry, I will let you know what happens! 😉

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