REVIEW: Does Milky feet work?

After I announced using Milky Feet, there was quite a bit of interest as to whether it worked or not. Apologies for the delay, but here are my thoughts….

No, I didn’t take photos of the skin peeling off my feet. Yes, it did work.

I was pleasantly surprised with how effective it was. I have notoriously bad feet. I regularly organise pedicures to ensure the skin on my feet is shaved – gross I know but it’s a reality of my (minimal) beauty regime. My heels in particular are bad.

So, I applied the little booties, filled with gel, as per the instructions on the packet. It’s a shame they only have one size because with incredibly wide feet, my feet wouldn’t slide into the booties without slicing open the top of the bootie. To ensure my feet didn’t slide out of the booties, cotton socks were placed over my feet.

I then needed to sit on my couch, legs up, for some time. If you do it, I would strongly recommend you do not move. Either have everything you need with you or have a friend/partner to help you out. I needed to walk around and I kept slipping within the booties. I must have looked ridiculous!

After the specific time (20 minutes from memory), I waddled into the bathroom and washed off the foul smelling gel. I was super excited about having super soft feet! Within days!

In some reviews they said it took over a week before skin start to peel. For me, it was about 3 days. It started small and then sheets of skin would be separating from my feet. It kind of looks like tissue paper. Freaky but I loved it!

After over a week of peeling, my feet were soft. I was really surprised at how effective the product was and would happily use it again. However, as I mentioned earlier, my focus area was my heels. This is the only area where Milky Feet didn’t really work. I was going to do another set of booties, but didn’t get around to it.

Would I recommend it? Absolutely. However, my regular pedicures won’t stop…maybe I enjoy the time with my girlfriends too much!

What is going on?

I have been absent from blogging for nearly 4 months. I know, a very long time.

Please forgive me, it has been a very testing time for me. Very testing. But, I glad to be back – in some capacity. How regularly, I don’t know but I have some posts lined up in my head that I am very keen to share with you. Hopefully you will enjoy them!

So, thanks for all your comments and commitment to checking the blog regularly.

Stay tuned….