2015 resolutions: Update

In January 2015, I set myself 10 targets for 2015.

I feel it is time to update you on what I have managed to do and those I have not been so successful doing.

For your memory, here is the original post.

Out of the 10 goals, I have only stuck to two. haha! Luckily there is still 5 months of 2015 to turn the other goals around….

The main item I needed to succeed in, was a shopping ban. No new clothes in 2015! Well, I am so pleased to say I have not bought any new clothes in 2015. My wardrobe is bursting at the seams as it is, so nothing more would fit, more importantly it’s wasteful. I have so many clothes that don’t fit or simply are not my style.

As a result, I am in the (SLOW!!) process of going through all my clothes. I have given about 30 items to charity and plan to sell about 50 more. There are some I am putting in storage for when I lose those extra 10, 20, 30 kgs…..

The other goal I’ve been semi  successful with is not biting my nails. Semi successful because there have been times where my nails have been so short they have bled. Other times they have been long. Right now, they are growing. They are not long, but at least I can wear nail polish without them looking ridiculous.

As I write this post my nail biting habits remind me of life. Sometimes it’s ugly, raw and painful and other times it’s peaceful, colourful and beautiful.

Right now, my nails and I are somewhere between.

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