From The Vault: Feeling good

As I am on an extended phone call with Optus about some billing and technical issues, I was looking through my drafts folder trying to find another post I started yesterday. I found the below blog post, which has never seen the light of day! It reminded me of how powerful I felt at the time – I felt I could take on anything! But, we all know nothing in life lasts forever; naturally this is both good and bad. Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading it, and reminiscing, as much as I did!

“As I embarked on the Sydney Skinny swim, I never imagined that I would be sitting here feeling healthy as I do.

I have been pushed by Vision Personal Training Mosman which has seen me drop a dress size and feel so much stronger and fitter. But, I have also had some great help from Blackmores who helped make sure I get the right vitamins and minerals into my body for general good health.

About a month ago, I visited the Blackmores HQ and met with naturopath Kate. Firstly, what a gorgeous girl! She spent time with me going over my eating, exercise and general lifestyle choices. As a result, she recommended a variety of  vitamins and minerals which would help me be the best I can be during my swim.

Despite being a sceptic about pills and potions, I stuck to the plan given to me and am now at a stage where I am confidently going into the swim from a health and well being perspective.

One of my concerns, was a cough I developed after a 24 hour plane ride from NYC in November last year. After using it as per the instructions, the cough disappeared completely within 5 days! I don’t believe in miracles, but…..

So, here is a list of the products Kate, and Blackmores kindly gave me so that I am in best possible shape for the Sydney Skinny.

Alive! Women’s Multivitamin contains vitamin D, selenium and vitamin C to help support immunity and keep you well in the lead up to your swim, and B vitamins for energy.

Kaloba® to help you get over the last of your cough

CoQ10 antioxidant support for your training and helps to support energy production

Magnesium Powder magnesium supports muscle health, relieves tired and sore muscles, cramps and spasms. It’s also another energy nutrient.

Skin Support contains herbs and nutrients to support healthy, clear skin.”

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