Get your breasts checked!

Today, a woman touched my breasts. And at the end of it, I wondered why I hadn’t been offered, or asked for it before.

Naturally, I am talking about having my breasts checked for cancer. What did you think I was talking about you scoundrel? 😉

Every second year I get my pap smear without fault. I grew up in a medical family, so I get these checks done religiously.

However, I visited a new GP. And after my pap smear she asked if I wanted to get my breasts checked too. I originally said no thinking that only older women need to get their breasts checked for lumps.

With such issues, I don’t consider myself naive. However, when I asked the Doc at what age should women be getting checked, she said from 25 years old. Crap. I was 31 and I had never had my breasts checked for lumps.

For older women, they need to have regular mammograms.

Lucky, there was no issue. This time.

I typically don’t blog about such things, but if someone who is fairly careful didn’t know to get my breasts checked as a 31 year old woman, then how many others aren’t getting tested too? This is not OK! Particuarly as early detection could be the different between life and death.

So, here I am. Asking you to speak with your doctor about getting your breasts checked at the same you get a pap smear.


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