Pay It Forward Wednesday: My commitment to help the world in the smallest possible way

I’ve just hung up from a long conversation with a dear friend of mine.

The conversation started with me being quite upset about a certain issue. An ongoing issue. I had been doing much better, but today I remember I needed to do something which proved to be a major trigger for me.

I listened as she did the talking.

She opened up more than ever before about certain challenges in her life. Challenges that people just don’t know about, or discuss.

As you read this, I am sure you can identify with this statement.

I am also recently familiar with the act of Paying It Forward. What is it? It’s the random act of doing something kind for someone who hasn’t done anything for you. Instead of returning a favour you do good because you can.

The conversation with my friend made me realise that we just don’t know the shit the random person on the street is going through. Frankly, many of us don’t even know the struggles our nearest and dearest are facing because they are so well hidden in the deepest parts of our souls. People wear masks.

Unlike Oprah and Ellen, my focus will not be on giving people cars, money or lavish experiences(but frankly, I wish I could!!).

My acts will likely be words. Words have a profound impact on the way people view others, and themselves. Even if it’s just for 5 minutes. By saying something nice to someone may distract them momentarily from the fact their parent is dying, how they are going to pay their mortgage or deal with their bully of a boss. It may also just make someone feel that fuzzy feeling inside. It may also confuse someone and be fodder for the chatter around the water cooler!

Whatever the outcome, I want to try and put a smile on someones face.  Not because I have to, or am obliged to, but because I want to and feel it’s important.

I am so deeply thankful for the people in my life who have the patience to coach me and give me their time. They do it because they care for and love me. In some cases, they may feel it’s part of their role as my friend or family member.

But to say or do something nice and sincere to a complete stranger is not expected and often means more.

So once a week I will do something nice for someone. It may be a stranger, but it may also be a family member or a friend. Either way it will be unprompted.

It’s a small way I can help make some people feel a little happier, even if it’s for a split second. Will you join me on this journey too?

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