For Community and Challenge: Blackmores Sydney Running Festival – 20th September 2015

My dislike of running has been well documented on this blog.

But for some strange reason, I decided to sign up for the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival on the 20th September.

There are four different events – 3.5km family fun, 9km bridge run, 21km half marathon and 42km full marathon.

I will be doing the 9km bridge run. Well, mostly walk but I will attempt to jog along the way because why the hell not!

Despite my dislike for jogging, running or anything faster than a walk, I decided to participate for two reasons: community and challenge. It has been a long time since I have connected with, or done anything with the Sydney community. And as a member of the Sydney community it was time to get involved in some way. I am definitely looking forward to being spurred on by the people of this great city and enjoy the party vibe I am sure will be alive and well.

The other element which has been missing from my life is a challenge. You know I like to challenge myself. Goals are important as they help me achieve more and keep me focused; it’s also important to keep things spicy – in all parts of my life!

I only signed up a couple of weeks ago, and my training really only started last week – whoops! I was told the final week in the lead up to a run is to rest….well, as my efforts have been so limited I won’t do this, but was cause for much amusement! Different kettle of fish for true athletes!

My training has been my personal training sessions with Vision PT Neutral Bay in addition to extra walking/jogging, steps and some gym classes.

There are 5 days till race day, so if you too would like to participate, or would like further information, click here.

I will let you know how I go, but maybe I will see you there!

Project Pheonix – Rise From The Ashes

In Greek mythology, a phoenix is a grand bird which continuously is reborn.

Apparently it obtains new life by rising from the ashes of its predecessor, which according to some sources, dies in a show of flames and combustion.

As I reflect on the past few months, this analogy rings true. The difference with me, is I have not yet arisen from the ashes. At this stage there is no bird – the ashes are still re-grouping and waiting for rebirth.

What I am certain of, is that the next version will be better than the last. And when adversity hits again in future years (which undoubtably it will – as is life!) then this repeated process will again happen and I will continue to grow and develop.

I know many of you are on your own journeys, so I encourage you to follow, as I have dubbed my journey “Project Pheonix”.

What steps am I putting in place ? Well, you will need to wait for an upcoming post to read the how…..:)



Today is R U OK day.

I pay attention to this day every year however this year it is particularly important to me.

Earlier this year a friend of mine committed suicide. Needless to say he had a rough trot and ultimately could not find any other way to find peace. I think about him often, and wonder if he had the opportunity to really deal with the issues he faced. Being a male did he find it harder to talk about what was going on and decided to keep the extent of his concerns bottled in? The last time I saw him we shared an amazing bottle of red, and we did discuss some of his previous challenges. What I didn’t know was how much they still haunted him. I don’t have the answers to many questions I would love to ask him but I do know that he was surrounded by people who loved him and were shocked and devastated by his passing. People who did, or would have, listened to the answer to R U OK – no matter how raw the answer may be.

As important as it is to ask R U OK and start the conversation, it’s important to continue having meaningful conversations all year round.

I’m a ridiculously lucky SOB and am surrounded by people who love and accept me as I am. I’ve had some challenges this year, and for the first time, have truly needed my friends. Not just need them, but they have literally supported me. They have been my legs and carried me when I couldn’t carry myself.

One friend in particular, a true soul mate (Hey, Fi!) and one of the loves of my life, would call me once, twice, or as many times a day as I needed. To talk, to cry, to vent my anger. She would listen, discuss, encourage and follow up. After our kooky greetings, she would always say “How are you?” It would usually be followed with “Talk to me” or ” Tell me, what’s going on?”.

For that, I will always be grateful. Always.

So please do ask your friends how they are. Sometimes you know if they are having a shit time, and other times, you won’t – so go on, ask the question. You may never know the difference you’re making to someones life.

For more information about the R U OK campaign click here.