What 2016 will mean to me

New Years and birthdays are a time of reflection for me. What have I achieved? What do I want to achieve? What’s actually important to me, and how can I achieve it? How can I improve myself and be the best possible me? Clearly I am one of those people who like to achieve, for achievements sake.

There has been some discussion within the media about whether there is value in new years resolutions. Personally, I believe there is – even if it’s just to re-evaluate yourself. How can this ever be a bad thing?

Some people, including yours truly, typically enter the year with guns blazing and then lose interest within a matter of weeks. Personally, I plan achieving on world domination (through love and peace) in 2016. Achievable? Hells yes. But lets see what I say in 3 months time….

Last year I set some goals; and to the surprise of many, I achieved some of them.

My number one resolution was to not buy any new clothes or make up for the entire year – I DID IT! I am as surprised as you that I completed this one considering 2013 and 2014 were full of online transactions. My friends had actually bet against me on this one haha.

Travel was also a winner. Earlier this year I flew to Hong Kong; I’d never been but always wanted to go. I also took semi-frequent domestic trips to Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, Blue Mountains, Bowral, Central Coast,  Newcastle and Batemans Bay. Tick!

The other resolution I kind of stuck to was growing my nails. As I type this post, my nails are back to stumps but for over six months of 2015 my nails were elegantly manicured. Surely that’s part of a win!?!

The 10,000 steps goal? Well, I lost interest in my fitbit pretty damn quickly and the weight fluctuated enormously in 2015. I did however sign up to Vision Personal Training and have enjoyed the exercise journey but I don’t think I can claim the resolution as a success.

So, I am going to set some new ones for 2016. Here goes….

1. Let it go – A very big lesson over the last 12 months is stop living in the past, and focus on the present. Holding onto baggage doesn’t do anyone good. Learn from your mistakes, don’t hold grudges to those who wronged you, be open to new experiences and people, and just live and enjoy your life.

2. Grow my nails – This goal is a continuation of 2015 – try to grow and maintain my nails. As mentioned earlier, this goal was semi successful last year but elegant nails make a huge difference to feeling more feminine and polished, so it remains on the list!

3. Blog more! – This was a major fail in 2015 – I barely blogged! But, 2016 is a new year with new opportunities, so this will be more of a priority. I love it, so why not do it more? The commitment? At least one post per week.

4. Learn– By nature I am a very curious cat. I couldn’t give two hoots about how a car works (I just want it to work!) but I have an insatiable thirst to know what’s going on in the world around me – with a particular interest in people, cultures and major world events. 2016 I want to continue the personal growth journey by continuing to read, and listen to insightful authors such as Brene Brown. The topics of human connection, emotional intelligence and leadership are of particular interest right now. If you have some interesting content, I would love to read it!

5. Travel – Rolling resolution of one new international and domestic destination every year! I have a major hankering to visit Miami……will 2016 be the year I scratch the itch?

6. Charity – 2015 turned into a year of self reflection and analysis so 2016 will be the year to focus on others. I have a few potential opportunities in the pipeline, so watch this space!

7. Be more active – I may be a size 22 but I am strong and relatively fit. I enjoy being active but often lack the discipline to grow my fitness. Thankfully I am with Vision Personal Training in Neutral Bay and I love the supportive, fun, community based environment – this is what gets me in the gym at least twice a week.

8. Be Challenged – I learnt a lot about myself in 2015 and something I really cherish and need for mental wellbeing is to be challenged – whether that be socially, professionally, personally or physically. No doubt you will hear the stories in upcoming posts of how I plan to, and did this.

9. Save Ma Pennies! – When I say save, I am not suggesting a significant amount of mullah for anything major. But, from little things, big things grow. When I was at university I saved the $2 coins in my purse and it was surprising how quickly saving $2 coins grows. In fact, an (empty) can full of $2 coins equals about $400! An extra few thousand off the mortgage, or an extra holiday is never a bad thing.

10. Have fun – Life is short. Stop the worry and live the life I want.

Do you believe in new years resolutions? If so, what are you planning to achieve in 2016?

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