CHALLENGE: No dairy and restricted carbs

Coming into 2016, my thirst for a new challenge is strong!

While at the gym this morning, my trainer Nick, suggested I kick start the year with a food challenge. I will cut out all dairy apart from the milk in my coffee and tea. I eat a lot ( A LOT!) of cheese, so this is going to be particularly difficult for me.

Why would I do such a drastic challenge? Despite losing 15 kgs late last year, about 7 kgs has snuck back on; and I can really feel it. I look at food and I put on weight; but, it doesn’t help that I also became quite sick and couldn’t maintain the intense cardio I was doing. I stacked on 5 kgs in three weeks! My commitment to food and exercise wasn’t the same afterwards. Normally, I would be so disappointed that I would give up. This time, my focus is more about getting back on track. It’s at these times I am particularly grateful for the team at Vision Neutral Bay because they always keep me accountable and focused on moving forward. It is after all a journey!

So, to keep the body on its toes (BWAHA) I have decided to restrict my dairy and carb intake until the end of February.

With processed carbs, I will not eat pasta, bread, cake, pastries etc. I will however allow myself to eat vita wheat and natural carbs found in carrots, sweet potato etc.

Nick suggested I cut out all carbs, including vita wheat, and use a slice of sweet potato to plate my tuna and cottage cheese snack. I looked at him like he had lost his mind – the challenge needs to be achievable and hopefully everyone still alive (him, not me!). Thankfully he was willing to compromise!

I will document the experience because I suspect there are going to be some interesting moments through this challenge….

If you have any delicious recipes please send them through, I would love to hear from you!

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