Fashions of Royal Women: Princess Mary

The women in the Royal families around the world are notorious for being glamorous, elegant and epitomise class and femininity.

I love (LOVE!!) pouring over the images of these women and how they present themselves to the world. Despite being slightly envious of the access to beautifully crafted clothes, make up artists, stylists, beauty therapists etc, I do (occasionally) try to replicate some of the themes these women use. Naturally, I have my favourites….

I am going to prepare a five (5) part series of my favourite royal woman; who they are, where they are from, and some of my favourite fashions photos.

Who is your favourite fashionable royal?


Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark

Official title: Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark, Countess of Monpezat, R.E. Wikipedia
BornFebruary 5, 1972 (age 43), Hobart, Australia

As an Aussie, I super proud of Princess Mary – born a fellow Australian. This is the ultimate modern ‘fairytale’ romance because she was a commoner. In fact, she met her Prince during the 2000 Summer Olympics at the now infamous pub, Slip Inn. She was a real estate agent, and he the Heir to Denmark!

Since becoming a royal, Mary has seriously upped the fashion stakes. I love her elegant, but in many cases practical style – she is after all a mother of four kids!

Despite the limitless designer outfits, her ultimate fashion win, is her gorgeous and seemingly loving husband, Prince Frederick.

Here are some of my favourite pics…..







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