Fashions of Royal Women: Queen Rania

Rania, Queen of Jordan

Official Title: Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan (Arabicرانيا العبد الله‎ Rānyā Al-‘abdu l-Lāh)

Born: 31 August 1970 (Age: 45), Kuwait City, Kuwait

Spouse: King of Jordan, Abdullah bin Al-Hussein

Children: Two daughters and two sons

My love affair with Queen Rania started while I was living in London in 2009. I bought a magazine which featured her on the cover. Inside was a 10 + page feature on the Queen, her family, Jordon and its many gifts and challenges.

Not only is she physically gorgeous but she is always impeccably dressed (as one would expect from a Royal), and presents herself as a true leader – she is committed to her country and her people. In my opinion, the epitome of what a Queen represents.

Though her social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube – which I followed obsessively) it would seem she is a committed wife and mother. But, she is also very active in engaging with her people and fighting for the many causes she believes in. Some of these include education for all, women’s rights and community empowerment.

Her style is ultra femme and she seems to mostly wear dresses and skirts. She also dresses modestly (which pleases my taste) while dressing for her very slender figure in form fitting outfits. She is clearly a fan of the global fashions while often acknowledging her Jordanian heritage.

My woman crush is very real and very strong. 










Series: Royal Women Fashion

  1. Princess Mary of Denmark
  2. Queen Rania of Jordan


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